Asagahama (朝ヶ浜 Asagahama?) is a seashore located in the northwest of Hisakata, the primary location of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. The Asagahama was first seen in the very first episode of Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series.


The Asagahama is a large coast located in the northern part of Feather Castletown. It lies inside the Bay District and is the basic name sake of the district. The Asagahama consists of a shore that is connected with the northern part of the Castle Ward. The shore is sometimes used by the residents as beach but most times of the year, the golden sand of the shore stays untouched. The shore is surrounded by cliffs, that have sharp rocks surfacing out of the ocean. The cliff separating the main Asagahama and the Path of Music has a lighthouse and a small wooden house built on top of it.


  • The shore's name comes from the Japanese 朝 (asa?) meaning "morning" and 浜 (hama?) meaning "seashore".