The Château d'Hope (シャトーd’希望 Shatō du kibō?) is the centred building of a magical country, known as the World of Hope (希望の国 Kibō no kuni?). The Château d'Hope is a location appearing in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and has its first debut in Guardian Angels Of The Stars. The Château d'Hope, which is Feather's home place, is also part of the magical federation known as the Magic Triangle.

Role in the anime

The Château d'Hope was first mentioned and made a little cameo in episode 64, when Feather left the country to get to earth in order to support the Guardian Angels. Feather, a small creature, known to carry the wing of hope, is the only known inhabitant of the country.


  • Château is French and means "castle" in English.


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