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This is a list of all Characters that appear in Beautiful Witches Of Earth.

Main Characters

Magical Warriors

Tenaka Chiasa (天中チアサ Tenaka Chiasa?)
Chiasa appears to be a typical middle school student. However, Chiasa acutally has got a pretty unique nature. While she appears to be a stereotypical tomboy, who is also a cool and cofident leader, Chiasa is actually a fun loving and pretty inmature child. She loves everything that she would consider as cute and gets excited over things very fast. She also always wants to try out new things. Chiasa has the power to transform into an Elemental Warrior. Her alter ego is Lil' Witch Phoenix (コマジョフェニックス Komajo Fenikkusu?), who possesses the power of the fire of hope.
Asahi Koharu (朝日小春 Asahi Koharu?)
Koharu is a kind and very gentle person, who has got problems with expressing her own thoughts, and can't talk well with others. While being an introverted girl, Koharu has got big dreams. She one day wants to travel around the world and dreams to see different nations and cultures with her own eyes. After she mastered Japanese and English, Koharu now wants to learn French. Koharu has the power to transform into an Elemental Warrior. Her alter ego is Lil' Witch Sunrise (コマジョキュアサンライズ Komajo Sanraizu?), who posssesses the power of sparkles of tomorrow.
Takagi Naomi (高樹なおみ Takagi Naomi?)
Naomi is a quite smart and reliable young girl, who works as student council member and is usually very concerned about her friends and classmates' condition. She is sometimes considered as the "heart of the school" and is quite popular in school for her kindess. Naomi may get strict by times but is generally a rather lovely young maiden. Naomi holds the power to transform into an Elemental Warrior. Her alter ego is Lil' Witch Vivid (コマジョビビッド Komajo Bibiddo?), who possesses the power of the light of miracles.
Kamibuki Yuri (上吹百合 Kamibuki Yuri?)
Yuri is an energetic and very engaged young girl, who stands out as a very talented tomboy. Yuri is very passionate and determined to achieve whatever she tries to get. She currently is the star player of her school's tennis club and her goal is to become the champion of the school's championship. Besides being a cool girl, who is never going to give up, Yuri is also a good friend. Yuri has the power to transform into an Elemental Warrior. Her alter ego is Lil' Witch Avril (コマジョキュアアヴリル Komajo Avuriru?), who possesses the power of hurricanes.
Hyojo Shieru (氷上詩絵流 Hyōjō Shieru?)
Shieru is a rather calm and collected young student, who loves cultures and traditions. She used to be part of the poem club but now has joined the Yamato club of her school. She is very kind and always tries to be very gentle towards the people talking to her. Shieru has got a positive, peaceful nature, and always tries to think positively. Shieru also likes folktales and mythologies. She has the power to transform into an Elemental Warrior. Her alter ego is Lil' Witch Crystal (コマジョクリスタル Komajo Kurisutaru?), who possesses the power of the calm snow.
Amashiro Reina (天代麗奈 Amashiro Reina?)
Reina is a confident and pretty self-aware person, who wants to prove everyone that she can be strong and can look after herself. She may appear a little arrogant at first, but Reina is actually a nice girl, who has got a pretty big pride. Reina usually prefers to fight on her own and feels awkward around other people, especially if she doesn't know them that much. Reina holds the power to transform into an Angel of the future. Her alter ego is Petit Angel Avenira (プチツカイアベニーラ Puchitsukai Abenīra?), who possesses the powers of the future heart.
Ozora Mizuki (大空聖月 Ōzora Mizuki?)
Mizuki is a calm, yet cool and very confident young student, who has got a passion for dancing and hopes to form or join a dance unit one day. She is outgoing, yet also very stubborn and may get annoyed by others or their ideas very fast. She has a tendency of describing things she likes as "cool". Due to being mainly positive, Mizuki can't stand those you think in a negative way. She holds the power to transform into an Angel of the future. Her alter ego is Petit Angel Leveret (プチツカイレバレト Puchitsukai Rebareto?), who uses the powers of the moon.
Alejandra (アレジャンドラ Arejandora?)
Alejandra is a calm and nice little girl, who gets worried about her actions once she meets new people. While she is usually collected but also cheerful, she gets nervous around people she doesn't know. When first moving to Japan, Jana appeared to be quite arrogant. Alejandra's alter ego is Seraphim (セラフィム Serafimu?), the connection between the world of humans and the demon world.


Cerise (セリーズ Serīzu?)
Cerise is the partner of Tenaka Chiasa. Cerise is one of the Elemera, who came to earth after feeling the threat of a darkness crossing the world of light.
Anzu (アンズ Anzu?)
Anzu is the partner of Asahi Kohaku. Anzu is one of the Elemera, who came to earth after feeling the threat of a darkness crossing the world of light.
Citrine (シトリーン Shitorīn?)
Citrine is the partner of Takagi Naomi. Citrine is one of the Elemera, who came to earth after feeling the threat of a darkness crossing the world of light.
Lime (ライム Raimu?)
Lime is the partner of Kamibuki Sayuri. Anzu is one of the Elemera, who came to earth after feeling the threat of a darkness crossing the world of light.
Viridian (ビリジアン Birijian?)
Viridian is the partner of Hyojo Shieru. Anzu is one of the Elemera, who came to earth after feeling the threat of a darkness crossing the world of light.
Isabella (イザベラ Izabera?)
Isabella is one of the new Guardlings. Isabella is Shinju's fairy partner and transformation partner. She guards the power of the future heart. She ends her sentences with "~beru".
Sumire (スミレ Sumire?)
Sumire is a young Guardling from Skyriver, who wields the power of moonlight. Sumire is Ozora Mizuki's fairy, who usually ends her sentences with "~sumi".
Lilith (リリス Ririsu?, לִילִית‎‎ Lîlîṯ)
She is a young demon child coming from the hidden country of Orien. While being born as a demon, Lilith is pacifistic and easily scared by a lot things. Due to her cute appearance, some people don't consider her as a demon. Lilith's greatest wish is peace for everyone.


Voide (ボイデ Boide?)
Voide used to be an elite warrior of Kamon, who was believed to be defeated by the Guardian Angels, yet somehow managed to return to earth. His appearance on earth alarmed the kingdom of the rainbow, who sent a new generation of fairies to earth to find the new Guardian Angel.

Youkai: Land of the Sun

Pale (ペール Pēru?)
Pale is a main villain of the first season. He mostly wears a mask that covers most of his face, so only his right eye and the half his mouth can be seen. His eye is usually red and starts glowing when being angry. He disguises himself as a teacher at the Private Southern Lights Academy with the name Bando Ichi (晩堂位置?).
Ultra (ウルトラ Urutora?)
Ultra is a main villain of the first season. She seems to have a relationship to Pale since she acts nice towards him and calls him "darling". Like Pale, she wears a mask, however her's only covers her left eye while the remining part of her face of openly shown.
Kagami (カガミ Kagami?)
Kagami is a main villain of the first season. It is said that he was created by the shards of broken mirrors. Kagami usually uses Crystal based attacks, even the monsters he creates feature crystal fragments.
Akazora (アカゾラ Akazora?)
Akazora is a main villain of the first season. Akazora usually keeps being alone and has a cold personality. Also her real appearance is very rarely shown, since she takes the apperance of others very often. Akazora is member of the Youkai clan. As revealed in episode B36, Akazora is the actual enemy of the season.
Kurokiza (クロキザ Kurokiza?)
The Kurokiza are the main monsters of the season. As later revealed, the Kurokiza are a type of monsters used by the Youkai Clan.

Youkai Clan

Kyubi (きゅうび Kyūbi?)
The main villain of the second season and ruler of Kukijima. Kyubi usually shows itself as an adult woman, while its real appearance is unknown. While showing itself as a human, it calls itself Tamamo Mae (玉藻マエ Tamamo Mae?).
Kawataro (かわたろう Kawatarō?)
One of the villains of the second seaso, who appears in the form of a nine-year old boy. Besides his turtle-like features, Kawataro looks just like a normal boy. However, he has a habit to hide these features.
Bakeneko (バケネコ Bakeneko?)
One of the villains of the second season. She appears in the form of a teenaged girl with cat-like features. Bakeneko is one of the youkais who have the ability to shapeshift.
Karakasa (カラカサ Karakasa?)
One of the villains of the second season, and part of the youkai clan. Karakasa is based on the Kasa-obake, a type of Tsukumogami Youkai.
Chouchin (チョウチン Chōchin?)
One of the villains of the second season, and part of the youkai clan. Chouchin is based on the Chōchin-obake, a type of Tsukumogami Youkai.
The Rokurokubi Twins (ろくろ首双子 Rokurokubi futago?)
Chiimamono (チイマモノ Chīmamono?)
The monsters of this season. Their names come from the words Chisame (小さめ?) "small" and Mamono (魔物?) "mysterious animal".

Demonic Circle

Samael (サマエル Samaeru?, סַמָּאֵל)
Samael is a fallen angel, who is all over the world considered as the current leader of the demonic circle. While the main forces of demons is located in the capital of the hidden country of Orien, Samael travels around the world. He is currently staying at Japan.
Jelica (ジェリカ Jerika?, Јелица)
Jelica is a demon originating from beneath Europe, who traveled to Japan, in order to support their leader on his journey. Jelica is a demonic lady with a fiery personality, who is determined to do everything to support Samael.
Jasper (ジャスパー Jasupā?)
Jasper is a demon originating from beneath North America, who traveled to Japan, in order to support their leader on his journey. Jasper is a calm and very gentle man-like demon, who prefers to attack from distance and out of the shadows, instead of charging for an offensive fight.
Foka (フォカ Foka?, Фока)
Foka is a demon originating from beneath Russia, who traveled to Japan, in order to support their leader on his journey. Foka is an introvert demon who appears to be isolated from the other demons. He was dragged to come to Japan by Bao-Chang. Despite being introvert, Foka is quite agressive.
Bao-Chang (バオ・チャン Bao Chan?, 宝畅 Bǎo chàng)
Bao-Chang is a demon originating from beneath China, who traveled to Japan, in order to support their leader on his journey. Bao-Chang is an outgoing demon, who seems to have a crush on the Russian demon Foka. She has a quite lovely-dovely personality, which may get annoying at some times.
Cruz (クルーズ Kurūzu?)
Cruz is a demon originating from beneath South America, who traveled to Japan, in order to support their leader on his journey. Cruz is a crious demon, who is interested in the world of humans. But due to his agressive nature, he accidently starts fights when asking questions.
Beneath (ベニース Benīsu?)
Beneath are demonic monsters that are used in order to shallow the light and energy of the world of light. The Beneath are created in order to power the great demonic circle. The Beneath can only be summoned by high ranked demons from all over the world.

Supporting Characters


Tenaka Akio (天中明男?) - Tenaka Akio is Chiasa's father. He lives close to the Hisakata train station. He and Chiasa's mother divorced a few years ago. While Chiasa decided to go with her father, her two sisters, Akabayashi Marina and Akira decided to stay with their mother. Akio now cares for Chiasa on his own.
Akabayashi Marina (赤林真里奈?) - Marina is Chiasa's younger sister. She lives with their mother and works at her restaurant after school. Marina is an extroverted girl, who loves making new friends and is very friendly towards anyone. Marina is about to enroll Middle School and is determined to become the student with the best scores.
Akabayashi Akira (赤林あきら?) - Akira is Chiasa and Marina's little sister. Akira is a lively, yet very shy girl, who either sticks to her sisters or to her friends. Akira is very smart and even though she is very young, has already decided what she wants to become in the future: she dreams of becoming a vet when she gets older.
Akabayashi Rubi (赤林瑠美衣?) - Akabayashi Rubi is Chiasa's mother. She runs a restaurant in southern Hisakata, which is known as "Vermilion Sparrow". Chiasa used to live with her mother until she and her father divorced a few years ago. Since Chiasa still lives in Hisakata Town, she sometimes stopps by her mother's restaurant after school. Both of her sisters still live with their mother.
Takagi Ririan (高樹理々杏?) - Yuuki Ririan is Takagi Naomi and Kazuki's mother. She is a popular actress, who has to spend much work in Tokyo due to her job. Even though being a Japanese actress, she is known all over the world and has even played some minor roles in Hollywood movies.
Takagi Chris (高樹クリス?) - Takagi Chris is Takagi Naomi and Kazuki's father. He lives close to the Asagahama shore in Hisakata. Chris is a locally known photographer, who used to travel around the world until he specialize his work on Japanese nature and architecture.
Takagi Kazuki (高樹和希?) - Takagi Kazuki is Takagi Naomi's younger twin brother. Despite being the younger one, Kazuki acts a lot like Naomi's older sibling. He even tends to call her "lil' sis". He is outgoing and likes to be around people. Even though he and his sister get in fights a lot, he'd protect her from any kind of threat.
Asahi Honoka (朝日ほのか?) - Asahi Honoka is Kohaku and Kyou's mother. Honoka used to work as a flight attendant. However, due to an injury, she had to quit her job. Today, she is completely dedicated to her family. She enjoys the time she can spend with her children, even though she misses her old work a little.
Asahi Tsukasa (朝日つかさ?) - Asahi Tsukasa is Kohaku and Kyou's father, who lives together with his family in Hisakata Town. Tsukasa is a strict, yet nice and very gentle person, who wants his children to be able to become what their dream to become in the future. Tsukasa serves the Japanese army.
Asahi Kyou (朝日きょう?) - Asahi Kyou is Kohaku's older brother. He's older by a year and attends the same school as his sister. He may be a little stubborn can be a very good friend. Since he is a third year middle school student, he is usually very busy with studying. He dreams to enroll a private elite high school in Tokyo.
Kamibuki Rie (上吹理恵?) - Kamibuki Rie is Kamibuki Sayuri, Erika and Hajime's mother. Rie used to work as a full-time doctor before her children were born. However, after all of the three were born, Rie wished to spend more time with her family and started to work part-time instead.
Kamibuki Daichi (上吹台地?) - Kamibuki Daichi is Kamibuki Sayuri, Erika and Hajime's father. Daichi works as an office clerk in Hisakata Downtown. He is a gentle, yet very busy person. He hardly has time to spend with his children and is hardly seen at home.
Kamibuki Erika (上吹えりか?) - Kamibuki Erika is Sayuri and Hajime's older sister. She attends a private high school for talented artists. Erika is a fantastic songstress who wants to stand on stage one day and would like to become an Opera star. Erika has even taken part in some talent auditions before and managed to be the second place.
Kamibuki Hajime (上吹肇?) - Kamibuki Hajime is the youngest child of the Kamibuki family, and is Sayuri and Erika's younger brother. Hajime is a young boy, who seems to be much fascinated by the United States and wants to visit the country once he finished school. Hajime plays Baseball at school.
Hyojo Nanase (氷上ななせ?) - Hyojo Nanase is the mother of Hyojo Shieru and Hyojo Rin, who works at a local flower store, known as Blumenmädchen. Nanase is a kind, yet pretty strict person. In the past, Nanase worked as a nurse. After moving, she was unable to continue her work and became a florist.
Hyojo Akihiro (氷上大畠?) - Hyojo Akihiro is the father of Hyojo Shieru and Hyojo Rin. Akihiro works as an office clerk for a known Japanese company, which is located somewhere in downtown Hisakata. He appears to be a kind and generous person. Whenever he's at home, he's most likely sleeping.
Hyojo Rin (氷上りん?) - Hyojo Rin is Shieru's older sister. Rin is a hot-blooded person with quite a short temper. She tends to get caught up in fights with others, yet would do almost everything to protect her younger sister. Rin, who prefers to call herself "Lynn", used to practice Kendo when she was younger.
Amashiro Kiyomi (天代清見?) - Amashiro Kiyomi is a gentle, yet somewhere pretty strict person. She is Shinju, Taichi and Lani's mother. She seems to be well educated. She works as a literature teacher at the Great Castle Memorial Academy. Kiyomi always tries to understand everyone's worries and needs.
Amashiro Rosuke (天代郎助?) - Amashiro Rosuke, actually known as Loo, is Amashiro Shinju, Taichi and Lani's father, who usually works from at home. Loo is usually the one who has to look after the kids, when he doesn't have to work and is in charge for their magical education. Loo's also the current Paladin of the Stars.
Amashiro Taichi (天代大智?) - Amashiro Taichi is Shinju and Lani's older brother. Being the older sibling, Taichi tends to tease his sisters a lot. But he also seems to care a lot for them and likes to help them with their problems. Taichi is pretty stubborn and unwilling to accept that he's not allowed to use his powers in public.
Amashiro Lani (天代ラーニ?) - Amashiro Lani is Shinju and Taichi's younger sister. Lani likes to call herself as "adorable" and uses her cuteness most of the time. She tries her best to stay positive no matter what happens. Her siblings tend to call Lani the "baby of their family". Despite her cute attitude, Lani can get upset very fast.
Ozora Eiichiro (大空英一郎?) - Ozora Eiichiro is Mizuki's father, whom she lives with since he and her mother divorced about six months ago. Eiichiro is a quite calm person, who hasn't got much to say. He and Mizuki usually communicate via chats. Eiichiro is a strong person, who has got both physical and mental strength.
Himura Anna (緋村あんな?) - Anna is Mizuki's mother. She and Mizuki's father divorced six months ago. Anna left Hisakata together with Himura Koyuki, Mizuki's younger sister. Anna is a quite strict woman, who works in a high position for a popular computer company. Due to her job, Anna is rarely at home to care for Koyuki.
Himura Koyuki (日村小雪?) - Himura Koyuki is Mizuki's younger sister, who currently lives with her mother. Koyuki is a cheerful girl, who loves nothing more than hot summer days. After her mother and her father divorced, Koyuki had to move with her mother to another town, quite far away from Hisakata Town.

Friends and Classmates

Minamino Miho (皆見野美法?) - Minamino Miho is Amashiro Shinju's best friend. The two have known each other since their childhood and have always been known to be very close to each other. Both even attend the same school and Miho is one of the few to know of Shinju's supernatural powers.
Bayla (バイラ?) - Bayla is a veteran Guardian of the Rainbow, who originally came from the Country of Rainbows. Bayla used to be the Guardian Fairy of Guardian Angel Millennia, the Guardian Angel of time. Today, she lives together with Amashiro Kiyomi and her family and works as "senpai" towards the Guardlings.
Kawaguchi Satomi (河口さとみ?) - Kawaguchi Satomi is a happy-go-lucky, yet pretty tomboyish student of the Private Southern Lights Academy. Satomi is Aimi's best friend. She and Aimi attend the special French classes for skilled students. Satomi, however, also takes extra classes in German and wants to visit Europe one day.
Tabata Aimi (田畑あいみ?) - Tabata Aimi is a first year student attening the Private Southern Lights Academy. She takes special French classes for skilled students a long with her two good friends Asahi Kohaku and Kawaguchi Satomi. Aimi is a lovely, yet very calm person, who dreams of visiting Paris one day.
Minezawa Hayato (峰沢はやと?) - Minezawa Hayato is the student council vice president of Private Southern Lights Academy. He is a reliable young student, who may be a little to rough towards other students by time. Hayato's family originally comes from Hokkaido, which is why he uses slang words that are not well known around Honshu.
Todo Subaru (東堂すばる?) - Subaru is a third year student attending the Private Southern Lights Academy. Subaru is one of Tenaka Chiasa's upperclassmen. Subaru seems to be an understanding, yet pretty wild and athletic young boy. Yet, it's unknown whether or not he knows about Chiasa's crush on him.
Todo Mahiru (東堂まひる?) - Todo Mahiru is Todo Subaru's younger sister. Mahiru is a first year middle school student attending the Great Castle Memorial Academy. She is an introverted girl, who believes that she's is a creature of the night, born in human form. Mahiru loves horror movies and especially loves vampires.
Tachibana Itaru (立花いたる?) - Tachibana Itaru is a second year middle school student who attends the same school as Tenaka Chiasa. Itaru is a friendly and pretty extroverted person, who likes to help out at his mother's sweets store. He seems to be very active and likes to help those who need help.
Aoba Nikki (蒼波ニッキ?) - Aoba Nikki is a third year middle school student living in Hisakata Town. Nikki is a calm and mature young girl, who is described as "cool" by others. Despite her young age, Nikki has been able to see many different places all across the world. Her family moved to Hisakata two years ago.


Yoshida-sensei (吉田先生?) - Yoshida-sensei is a teacher at the Private Southern Lights Academy, which he used to attend during his teenage hood. Yoshida-sensei is an experienced teacher, who is liked by almost any student. He tries to support and help his students and hates giving back bad scores.
Hayashi Rikka (林立夏?) - Hayashi Rikka, by fans still refered as Momozaki Rikka, is a famous singer, voice actress and "hobby actress". As Rikka became even more famous, she decided to go with her birth name on stage instead of taking her new name. This granted her a more private private life than she had before.
Amamiya Amaya (天宮雨夜?) - Amamiya Amaya is the pen name of Amane Ami. Amaya is a popular novelist who publishes her books under her pen name. Amamiya Amaya is a famous novelist and author, whose stories are sold all over the world. The short story she became popular with is known as "Isle of Blue" and was published in Japan only.
Tachibana Amber (立花アンバー?) - Tachibana Amber is the current owner of the famous Tropica, a sweets store located in Hisakata Town. Amber is also the mother of Tachibana Itaru and his siblings. Amber is usually very busy with the store. She puts all her efforts in the sweets she makes and sells.
Aoba Sapphie (蒼波サフィ?) - Aoba Sapphie is Aoba Nikki's mother, who is also the music director of the radio station STAR⭐FLAKE Radio. Sapphie is a very determined person who apparently has a great passion for music. Even though she sometimes seems to be quite immature, she can also be calm and strict.
Inoue Ema (井上恵真?) - Inoue Ema is the owner of the local flower store Blumenmädchen who has lived in Hisakata since her childhood. She is a very gentle and opened person, who likes listening to other people's stories. She doesn't mind having a chat with anyone as everyone has got something to say.
Ikazuchi​ Naoto (五十土直人?) - Naoto, whose real name is Voide, is a human originating from Kamon, a world existing in a parallel universe to earth. He has formerly been fighting against the Guardian Angels until he was defeated and returned to earth with a new life. Today, he lives alongside his best friend's family on earth.
Ikeda Miyu (池田美由?) - Ikeda Miyu is a gentle lady, who has moved to Hisakata many years ago. Her family originally came from Okinawa and owned a hotel somewhere close the ocean. Miyu came to Hisakata to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the place. At the moment, she works at the Shirogane Library.
Akabayashi-Ikeda Robin (赤林・池田ろびん?) - Akabayashi-Ikeda Robin is the head designer of her own created brand RobYn. Most of her friends and fans tend to simply call her Akabayashi Robin or Robin-sama. Robin lived in Hisakata since she was born. Her family used to own a restaurant which is today run by her twin sister Rubi.