Cure Phoenix

See also: Komajo Phoenix
Cure Phoenix

Kyua Fenikkusu
Personal Information
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorRed
OccupationElemaiden Warrior
AffiliationBeautiful Sky Pretty Cure
Magical Information
ItemCure Paintbrushs
WeaponsCelestial Wand
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonBeautiful Sky Pretty Cure
DebutBeautiful Sky Episode 01
Last AppearanceHoshi no Saga Episode 48
Cure Phoenix is a main character of Beautiful Sky Cure and the Cure alter ego of Tenaka Chiasa. Cure Phoenix uses the power of the burning fire of hope. As Cure Crimson's successor, she also holds the power of passion. Her Elemera chimera is Cerise.

General Information


As Cure Phoenix, her hair grows longer and changes from scarlet to bright, almost fiery red. Her eye color stays the same. She wears a two-piece outfit composed of a dark red top with an even darker trim. At the trim, a pinkish red cloth is attached and coveres the upper part of her left arm. At the end of the top, a pinkish red ribbon is attached to the top. The skirt has a dark red belt, where a orangered cloth is attached to and reaches to her knee. Her skirt has two layers, the one is bright while the other is dark red. Around her neck, she wears a pearl necklace where her Cure Paintbrush hangs down. She wears dark red ankle boots and around her arms she wears red arm warmers with a pink stripe each. Her hair is tied to a low ponytail.


Cure Phoenix - A phoenix is a large bird, usually seen having fire based powers, that appears in differed mythologies.


"The passionate fire of hope! Cure Phoenix!"
Jōnetsu-tekina hi no kibō! Kyua Fenikkusu!

Cure Phoenix is the first element Pretty Cure to appear in the new generation. She uses the power of burning fire of hope. Her Elemera is is Cerise, the chimera of fire. Cure Phoenix has strong powers but is afraid of heighst.



Solo Attacks


"Pretty Cure! Colorful Illustration!" - Pretty Cure! Colorful Illustration! is the official transformation speech used by Tenaka Rubina to transform into Cure Phoenix in Beautiful Sky Pretty Cure.



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