The Door of the Sky (スカイの扉 Sukai no tobira?), officially known as Island of the Sky's entrance (空の扉小島 Sora no tobira kojima?), is a little island floating in the sky between the magical world and earth. The Door of the Sky is invisible for humans and only a chosen few humans are able to summon the passageway leading towards the island. Whoever walks through the Door of the Sky is able to reach any magical world that lies beyond the light of earth. The Door of Sky first appeared in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the series, and made further appearances in the following seasons.


The Door of the Sky is a small island floating in the sky between the magic world and earth. Even though it's a pretty small island, the land shows a beautiful blooming flora. Most of the flowers blooming there are white or pale blue and the land is covered by bright green grass. In the center of the island a grand white building can be found. The building is the main location of the island as it contains the actual Door of the Sky. Even though the Door of the Sky can be used to reach any magical world, it is mainly used to reach Skyriver, the Country of Rainbows, or Kamon, the so-called Land of Shadows.

The passageway to the island can be summoned by those who were born with the chromosome of light, which makes them the descendants of the legendary Angel, the Guardian Angels. However, even if they are the descendants of the legendary Angel, the girls can only summon the path with the Fairy Crystal Wands, little magical rods who hold the royal power of Skyriver.



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