Personal Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Home PlaceSkyriver
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
First AppearanceSky Pretty Cure Episode 04

SeiyuuMimori Suzuko

Green is one of the main mascots of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Green is a color guard from Skyriver. Green is the guard of the green rainbow and currently lives with Emerald. Green ends all his sentences with "mido".


Green has, like every color guard of Skyriver, the ability to give the chosen girl the power to transform into the legendary warriors of the rainbow, Pretty Cure. Green is the guard of the green rainbow and has the ability of nature. Green is able to use less powerful attacks a than her Pretty Cure partner and can summon barriers. As shown in episode 18, Green has to shout his suffix "Mido" and rise his little arms to activate the power. Whenever the Pretty Cures got a power up, Green and the others had also got a one.


Green is, compared to the other color guards the calmest and most collected. He appears a little bit as the leader of the fairies. He is also the oldest of them all. Green, before he met Emerald, usually sticked to himself, keeping his plans for himself or not talking with others at all. However, Green is not a calm person who doesn't trust others. He has just been on his own for a long time. Now, together with Emerald, he managed to open himself more towards others and has a great relationship to his partner.



  • Midorikusa Emerald - Emerald and Green are pretty close to each other. In the beginning, Green fooled Emerald by acting like a doll so she would take him with her. After finding out what he really was, she was quite shocked but got used to it very fast. They seem to have a brother-sister relationship, which can sometimes be seen as a neutral relationship. Green is seen to sit on Emerald’s shoulders to talk to her.
  • Melody - Melody is shown to like Green more than any of the other color guards, but would never admit that she actually likes him. Despite showing some kind of affection towards him, Melody doesn't blush or something when he is around. Their real relationship status is unknown.


Green (グリーン?) - Green is the color of growing grass and leaves, of emeralds, and of jade. In the continuum of colors of visible light, it is located between yellow and blue. It is also one of three primary additive colors, along with red and blue, which, combined in different combinations on a computer or television display, make all the other colors.[1]

Little Mister Rabbit (リトル兎さん?) - The way Green is called in Emerald's Adventures in Wonderland. He played the part of the rabbit in hurry, who had to get to the tea party.




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