Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel Millennia

Mitsukai Mirenia
Personal Information
Title(s)Guardian Angel of Intelligence
Eye ColorWhite
Hair ColorWhite
OccupationRainbow Warrior
AffiliationGuardian Angels
Magical Information
ItemIris Inject
RainbowSilver Rainbow
WeaponsBianko Crystal
Theme ColorWhite (main)
Blue (sub)
Anime Information
SeasonGuardian Angels Of The Sky
DebutEpisode 07
Last AppearanceEpisode 137
SeiyuuMurakawa Rie
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Guardian Angel Millenniaミツカイミレニア」is the Guardian Angel of the silver-colored Rainbow. She makes her first debut in Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of the Series. Angel Millennia, usually simply referred as Millennia, is blessed with the element of intelligence, while she uses the power of time.

Her bonded Rainbow Guardian is the white fairy Bayla. Guardian Angel Millennia introduces herself with "Wonderful color of intelligence!" (「知性のうまい色彩!」?).

Guardian Angel Millennia made her first debut in episode 07 of the first season. She is the angelic alter ego of the kind hearted third year middle school student Amashiro Kiyomi. Angel Millennia's Prism Brilliant is the Bianko Brilliant, the timeless white brilliant. During the story of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series, Guardian Angel Millennia is granted a legendary weapon, which is known as the Bianko Crystal. In addition, in season two, was granted a power up, known as White Aura. Guardian Angel Millennia's symbol is the symbol of infinity.

Physical Information


Guardian Angel Millennia has long, white-ish colored hair that is tied into twin tails, each hold by silver ribbons with golden heart-shaped brooches. She wears a white/light blue dress with double-layered skirt. Her belt is light- und dark blue with a golden heart, which holds her commune. She wears golden bracelets and white boots, which are knee-length.

When transforming as Cinderella into Guardian Angel Millennia, her hair stays open, while braid is tied to the back and hold by a golden heart. She wears a white dress with a light blue sleeve and a underskirt with three layers. Those are similar to her skirt as "normal" Cure Millennia. She wears golden bracelets and white boots, which are knee-length.

Angelic Information

Angelic Powers

Whitney s1

Millennia season 1 & 2

Whitney s3

Millennia season 3 & 4

"Wonderful color of intelligence! Guardian Angel Millennia!"
Chisei no umai shikisai! Mitsukai Mirenia desu!

Guardian Angel Millennia holds the power of the silver rainbow, which gives her the ability to use time based attacks. She is the Guardian Angel of intelligence and needs her Iris Inject to transform. Her transformation speech is "Magical Paint Over!". Later she also learns to summon a holy item with which she can use more powerful attacks.

"Wonderful color of intelligence, magic of midnight! Guardian Angel Millennia!"
Chisei no subarashī iro, yonaka no mahō! Mitsukai Mirenia desu!

Is the phrase Guardian Angel Millennia uses in episode 28, while being transformed into Cinderella.


  • White Freeze - Guardian Angel Millennia's first attack that was first used in episode 07. First, Guardian Angel Millennia turns around and calls "Shake, wisdom colored spark!". Then, she turns back to the enemy and shouts: "Feel, White Freeze!" and points at the enemy. Following her lead, white sparkles of time fly towards the enemy, hit it and purify it. However, the attack can also stop the movements of the enemy.
  • Crystal Speed - Guardian Angel Millennia's attack that she can only use with her Bianko Crystal. First, Guardian Angel Millennia summons her Heaven Crystal by saying "Full power of pure white colors! Blessed with powers of heaven!". While saying it, she raised her arm to the sky. Then, Cure Millennia forms her hand into a fist and wipes over the Heaven Crystal. Then she puts her arm towards the enemy and calls "Urge on, Crystal Speed!". Then many white and light blue swirls reach for the enemy and form a big swirl behind the enemy to purify it.
  • Sweet White Hourglass - Guardian Angel Millennia's attack in Guardian Angels Of The Stars. There are two forms of that attack. While one form is used to stop the time, the other is used to purify monsters.
    • Purifying Attack: First, Millennia raises her hand after appearing in front of a white background. Then she draws the symbol of infinity (∞) in shape of an eight. Then she shouts: "Make time" And the symbol starts glowing. She grabs it throws it at the enemy like a boomerang. The symbols hits the monster and seals it. Then Millennia shouts: "Sweet White Hourglass!" and the ∞ turns into glowing orbs purifying the monster.
    • Time-Stopping Attack: First, Whitney appears in front of a light blue background. Then she raises her arm to the sky and calls: "Sweet White Hourglass!" As she shouts the "!", she claps her hands together and a clock appears before her, which hits 12 o' clock. Then the time is frozen until Millennia either releases it or the clock strikes 1 o' clock.

  • Cold Explosion: The group attack which Guardian Angel Cyan, Guardian Angel Azure and Guardian Angel Millennia can use when they are together. So far, the attack only appeared in the first season and remained unused in the later seasons. They grab each other’s hands and shout: “Joining all cold colors!” Then they look up in the sky. The grey clouds open and let a green, blue and white colored beam through. Then they all put their fists to the direction of the Katahowa and call: “Pretty Color! Cold Explosion!” The green, blue and white colored beam attacks the Katahowa and purifies the enemy.
  • Rainbow Heart Hurricane: The first group purification attack which all Guardian Angels can use together. The attack doesn't require any weapons but was powered by the Rainbow Tears in the 25th episode of Angels Of The Sky. First, the Guardian Angels get in formation so that they are standing in a circle. They put their left hands to the middle and Crimson whispers "Calling the colors of the rainbow." Then the others call "The miraculous light of heaven of hope." Then a rainbow colored whirlwind was created between the Guardian Angels' hands and starts to grow. Then two Guardian Angels step aside and the six Guardian Angels shout: "The light of rainbows!" and shoot the whirlwind at the Katahowa. As the whirlwind hits the monster the Guardian Angels shout: "Pretty Color! Rainbow Heart Hurricane!". Then thunder-like rainbow colored cracks attack the Katahowa and defeat it.
  • Rainbow Crystal Fantasy: The Guardian Angels' purification attack, which they can only use with their Heaven Crystals. The attack was only used in the last episodes of Angels Of The Sky and returns in the seasons Angels Of The Sound and Guardian Angels Of The Light. The Guardian Angels fought of Catastrophe with this attack at the end of Guardian Angels Of The Sky. The First the Guardian Angels shout: "We desire the infinite power of the rainbow!" Then around them a very strong whirlwind started. That wind is rainbow colored even includes the colors pink and purple. Then Crimson shouts: "Kingdom of miraculous colors!" "Lend us the power we desire!" Cyan finishes her sentence and then each of the Guardian Angels raise their arms to the sky. The crystals start glowing, very bright. Then all of then shout: "Miraculous rainbow!" And the wind turns into a big, very big rainbow resembling a tornado. The colors each Guardian Angels represents are still connected to their Heaven Crystal. Then the girls shout: "Pretty Color! Rainbow Crystal Fantasy!" and the rainbow tornado splits up in each color of the rainbow and attack the enemy. The colors surround the enemy and turn into rainbow colored sparkles.
  • Full Rainbow Circle: A new group attack that the eight Guardian Angels from Guardian Angels Of The Stars. The attack can be performed when all eight Guardian Angels are at the scene and still have the ability to fight. To use the attack, the eight Guardian Angels call the colors of the rainbow. First, the six Guardian Angels rise their arms above their heads and shout, "Blessed with the powers of heaven". Then, which a white light, their Heaven Crystals appear around their wrists. Heather and Lavender then shout, "Day and Night! The infinite twin hearts!" and the Color Palette appears in their hands. The group then appears with their arms stretched out to the sky. They then shout one after another: "The deep red golden and orange rainbow!" An orb with their colors then appears in front of them "The green blue and silver rainbow!" the same happened with the next three colors. "Together with the colors of love and dreams" Heather and Lavender shout and the Color Palette stars absorbing the powers. Then, the girls put their hands to the middle of their circle, while the Guardian Angels hold their Heaven Crystals over them and the group shouts: "Pretty Color! Full Rainbow Circle!". Then a white light rises from the Color Palette and turns into rainbow colored ribbons, which turn into a large egg when surrounding the monster. The rainbow egg then purifies the monster.
  • Magical Rainbow Finale: The second group attack for all eight Guardian Angels of the rainbow. The attack was learned in the second half of the second season. To use it, the six Guardian Angels summon their Heaven Crystals and combine the power with the power of Guardian Stars. First, Scarlet and the others shout: "The power of the Rainbow!", then, Feather shouts: "Combined with the power of hope!" And the girls appear in front of a white background. Crimson reaches her hand to the sky and shouts: "The Rainbow in our Hearts!" Then, Heather stretches her arms away from her body and shouts: "Our Hearts covered in Colorful Light!". Then every Guardian Angels puts one hand on their chest and they call: "Everyone's hearts become one!". Then, their Heaven Crystals appear and they grab the hand of another Guardian Angels with Lavender and Heather in the middle of the row. Over Heather and Lavender's heads, the Color Palette appears and they call the attack name: "Pretty Color! Magical Rainbow..." then they push the attack towards the enemy and shout: "Finale!" to give the final blow.


  • Bianko Crystal (ビアンコ結晶 Bianko Kesshō?) - Guardian Angel Millennia's main attack item that she gains during her fairytale adventure. It allows her to use a powerful attack and can even use to reflect other attacks.
  • White Aura (ホワイト・オーラ Howaito Ōra?) - Guardian Angel Millennia's power up "weapon" in Of The Stars.

Angelic Forms

Magical Paint Over!

Magical Angels

Precious Angels

Precious Angel Millennia (プレシャスエンジェルミレニア Pureshasu Enjeru Mirenia?) is Guardian Angel Millennia's super form from Legend of the Rainbow Jewels. Along with her friends, Guardian Angel Millennia is able to perform Precious Espoir Illumination in her Precious mode.

Precious Angel Millennia wears a light blue dress with a golden trim. A golden star and a golden pearl necklace is attached to the golden trim. A sky blue, frilly cloth is also attached to the golden trim. A sky blue cloth is tied around her hip, where a blue bow is attached to. A blue diamond with a rainbow colored bead chain is attached to the bow. She wears white boots with sky blue trims. Guardian Angel Millennia wears golden bracelets. Her hair is tied into twin tails, held by silver ribbons and heart-shaped brooches.


Guardian Angel Millennia - Millennia is the plura of a millennium. A millennium is a period equal to 1000 years. It derives from the Latin mille, thousand, and annus, year.[1]



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