The Episodes of Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of Yousei A. Sina's Guardian Angels Of The Sky Series, aired between July 9th, 2013 and May 13th, 2014. The story was continued in Guardian Angels Of The Stars, the second season of the Series.


Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Tenkū no kanata ni, hikari no inai ni! Unmei no yoake no kata e!
"Beyond the Sky, Within the Light! Towards the Dawn of Fate!"
Hollow July 9, 2013
The story begins at the royal court of the kingdom of rainbows, known as Skyriver. The inhabitant have been living in peace and harmony for more than one thousand years. Since ancient times, a group of fairies from Skyriver have been watching over the power of the seven colored rainbow. However, less than a month ago, the powers of the eternal darkness returned to the worlds of light and harmony and destroyed the formerly glorious kingdom of Skyriver. Even though the darkness and its forces returned to their original base, the royal court of Skyriver knew they would come back. So they called out for the current generation of rainbow guardians and ordered them to go to earth, to find those girls, who were born with the chromosome of the light.
02 Jōnetsu to kachiki no kuen! Moemasu Mitsukai Kurimuson!
"Red Flame of Passion and an Unyielding Spirit!
Burn, Guardian Angel Crimson!"
Voide July 16, 2013
The episode continues where the previous episode ended. Guardian Angel Crimson was revealed by the bright, red-colored light that came from the Katahowa and caused a small explosion. Before Guardian Angel Crimson opened her eyes, she remembered the moment Scarlet’s voice touched her. She remembered that when she opened her eyes, the prism Scarlet wore around her neck was shining in a bright red color. Wondering what this might be, Ruby reached out for the prism and suddenly transformed into Angel Crimson. That was the moment when she opened her eyes.
03 Kan'ippatsu o hairezu shin'yō! Sobieru, mitsukai safuran!
"Confidence Like a Flash! Rise, Guardian Angel Saffron!"
Blank July 23, 2013
The start of a new day. It was quite early in the morning as Topaz woke up and headed downstairs to care for the animals of her parents’ ranch. Even though the sun was shining, the fog, that was spread all over the town this morning, blocked the rays of the sun from reaching the grounds of earth. She went outside to the stables, where the family’s pets were spending the nights. The ranch had many different stables. Most of them were used by their customers, but this one was a Yuuki’s property. Right after she fed her cat, whose name was Sammi, and the two dogs, she went into the main room of the stable to care for her horse. Her horse was called Zebra. After finishing her chores, Topaz got ready for school. She changed into her school uniform, grabbed her breakfast and left the house.
04 Yūga no hikari me no naka ni! Hoshi no yō ni mitsukai Shiena!
"The Light of Elegance inside the Eyes! Like a Star, Guardian Angel Sienna!"
Voide July 30, 2013
05 Shiro to midori hana no sekai! Mitsukai Shian saku!
"The Green and White Flower World! Angel Cyan Blooms!"
Time August 6, 2013
06 Unmei no onsei! Mirakuru henshin de aoi iro!
"Voice of Destiny! Miracle Metamorphosis in Blue!"
Voide August 13, 2013
07 Kokoro no seika! Utsukushi jikan no isshoku!
"Chant of the Heart! Color of Beautiful Time!"
Hollow August 20, 2013
08 Towa no hikari no rejendo to eien kurayami no negai!
"The Eternal Light's Legend of the Eternal Darkness' Desire!"
Catastrophe August 27, 2013
09 Nanairo no mahō! Tenkū no Namida o atsumare!
"Seven-Colored Magic! Gather the Tears of Heaven!"
Voide September 3, 2013
10 Aoi Yōsei no Mizuppoi me!
"The watery-eyed blue fairy!"
Loo September 10, 2013
11 Kagayaku shirayuki hime daiyamondo!
"The Sparkling Snow-White Princess Diamond!"
Blank September 17, 2013
12 Furu Surottoru no Aomizu rokku!
"Full throttle, Aomizu's Rock!"
Blank September 24, 2013
13 Akairo no futago! Rubī to robin no ikari!
"The Twins of Red! Ruby and Robin's Anger!"
Time October 1, 2013
14 Kuru yo, dai kurayami no ōjo-sama!!
"The Princess of Great Darkness Arrives!"
Break October 8, 2013
15 Kokoro de kimochi wa… koi desu ka?!
"The Feeling Inside the Heart... Could it be Love?!"
N/A October 15, 2013
16 Passhon no taiketsu! Dokidoki no daitsu deai!
"A Passionate Showdown! Great Heart Pounding Encounter!"
Hollow October 22, 2013
17 Kiraboshi deai, omoiyari no matsu onsei!
"Starry Glistening Encounter, Honest Voice of Sympathy!"
Voide October 29, 2013
18 Ichinen no fuyu desu! Yōsei-tachi no nijiiro bōken!!
"The Annual Winter! The Fairies' Rainbow-Colored Adventure!!"
Break November 5, 2013
19 Momoiro no supottoraito de hane-jō machi!
"The Pink-Colored Spotlight In Feather Castletown!"
Break November 12, 2013
20 Kurimuzon no okoru! Nēchan zettai o mamoru!
"Crimson's Anger! Sister will be Absolutely Protected!"
Time November 19, 2013
21 Ki no kaminari no yowami! Min'na wa chīmu!
"The Weakness of the Yellow Thunder! Everyone's a Team!"
Blank November 26, 2013
22 Unmeidzukeru saikai! Mi tsukai no atarashī nakama!?
"A Reunion of Fate! The Angels' New Company!?"
Blank December 3, 2013
23 Atarashī michi koko kara hajimaru! Koi to min'na issho ni!
"A New Path Starts Right Here! With Love and Everyone together!"
Voide December 10, 2013
24 Hāmonī to issho ni? Yukizora no mitsukai no chikara!
"Together in Harmony? The Snowy Sky of the Angels' Powers!"
Hollow December 17, 2013
25 Sorairo kiseki! Colorful Christmas!
"A Sky-Colored Miracle! Colorful Christmas!"
Hollow December 24, 2013
26 Robin no kira yume! Mutsuki no dezain!
"Robin's Sparkling Dream! The Desing in January!"
Break January 7, 2014
27 Mukashimukashi - Meruhen wa jumon!
"Once Upon a Time - The Märchen spell!"
Break January 14, 2014
28 Daiyamondo ū ra Petīto Pantoufuru de Vuēru!
"Diamond ou la Petite Pantoufle de verre!"
Time January 21, 2014
29 Kogane Ranpion Hime-sama, Topāzu!
"Topaz, the golden Rampion Princess!"
Blank January 28, 2014
30 Tsukiakari no himesama!
"The Moonlight princess!"
Voide February 4, 2014 
31 Fushigi no kuni no Ema!
"Emma's Adventures in Wonderland!"
February 11, 2014
32 Ningyo hime; sango hime Anbā!
"The Little Mermaid; Coral Princess Amber!"
Hollow February 18, 2014
33 Mori no naka e Rouge!
"Rouge into the Woods!"
Break February 25, 2014
34 Makkuro no jōnetsudesu! Mitsukai tai matsukai kurimuson!
"The Pitch Black Passion! Angels VS. Demon Crimson!"
Break March 4, 2014
35 Niji no hashi! Torio no Chīmu Appu!
"The Rainbow bridge! Trio team up!"
Catastrophe March 11, 2014
36 Kako e minna! Anata no kimochi e Rinku!
"Everyone to the Past! A link to your feelings!"
Catastrophe March 18, 2014
37 Sayonara kyūyū! Boido no saigo Attack!
"Goodbye old friend! Void's last attack!"
Voide March 25, 2014
38 Ōnaru ribenji! Mitsukai kurimuzon tai horō!
"Great Revenge! Guardian Angel Crimson vs. Hollow!"
Hollow April 1, 2014
39 Buranku no yamina deguchisenryaku!
"Blank's Dark Exit Strategy!"
Blank April 8, 2014
40 Burēki no aisuru otōsan!
"Break's loving father!"
April 15, 2014
41 Atarashī gakkō! Hajō kōkōdesu!
"New School! The Feather Castle High!"
N/A April 22, 2014
42 Mayami no purinsesu no saigo yokubō!
"The Princess of True Darkness' Last Desire!"
Break April 29, 2014
43 Kurai to kage no sekai wa noboru!
"The world of shadows and darkness rises!"
Catastrophe May 6, 2014
44 Min'na no taisetsuna yume! Shugo mitsukai-tachi ga akiramenai!
"Everyone's Precious Dream! The Guardian Angels will Never Give Up!"
May 13, 2014

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