The Episodes of Guardian Angels Of The Sky, the first season of Yousei A. Sina's Guardian Angels Of The Sky Series, aired between July 9th, 2013 and June 17th, 2014. The story was continued in Guardian Angels Of The Stars, the second season of the Series.


Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Tenkū no kanata ni, hikari no inai ni! Unmei no yoake no kata e!
"Beyond the Sky, Within the Light! Towards the Dawn of Fate!"
Halo July 9, 2013
The story begins at the royal court of the kingdom of rainbows, known as Skyriver. The inhabitant have been living in peace and harmony for more than one thousand years. Since ancient times, a group of fairies from Skyriver have been watching over the power of the seven colored rainbow. However, less than a month ago, the powers of the eternal darkness returned to the worlds of light and harmony and destroyed the formerly glorious kingdom of Skyriver. Even though the darkness and its forces returned to their original base, the royal court of Skyriver knew they would come back. So they called out for the current generation of rainbow guardians and ordered them to go to earth, to find those girls, who were born with the chromosome of the light.
02 Jōnetsu to kachiki no kuen! Moemasu Mitsukai Kimaira!
"Red Flame of Passion and an Unyielding Spirit!
Burn, Guardian Angel Chimaira!"
Voide July 16, 2013
The episode continues where the previous episode ended. Guardian Angel Chimaira was revealed by the bright, red-colored light that came from the Katahowa and caused a small explosion. Before Guardian Angel Chimaira opened her eyes, she remembered the moment Scarlett’s voice touched her. She remembered that when she opened her eyes, the prism Scarlett wore around her neck was shining in a bright red color. Wondering what this might be, Rubi reached out for the prism and suddenly transformed into Angel Chimaira. That was the moment when she opened her eyes.
03 Kan'ippatsu o hairezu shin'yō! Sobieru, mitsukai Anpea!
"Confidence Like a Flash! Rise, Guardian Angel Ampere!"
Brank July 23, 2013

Rubi's English teacher has got bad news for her. If her grades don't improve, Rubi might fear to repeat the class. Yuuka advices her to get a tutoress who could teach her everything she doesn't know. Rubi then straight asks Yuuki Ririan for the favor and Ririan invites Rubi to her parents' ranch. At the ranch, the two get soon interrupted by Brank. Brank  transforms a horse dear to Ririan into a Katahowa. But Chimaira is determined to protect what's dear to Ririan!

04 Yūga no hikari me no naka ni! Hoshi no yō ni Mitsukai Ōrorae!
"The Light of Elegance inside the Eyes! Like a Star, Guardian Angel Aurorae!"
Brank July 30, 2013
After Rubi spent an afternoon with her new friend Ririan, Rubi is once again late for school. On her way, she bumps into Tachibana Amber, the class president of class 2-4, whom she soon gets into an argument with. After school, her friend Yuuka asks Rubi if they could stop by the Tropica, a famous bakery in town. At the Tropica, they find meet Amber once again. Yet, she appears to be a whole different person than before and Rubi gets to know the reason why Amber’s always doing her very best!
05 Sora no atarashī hana fuki!
Daichi no tori no tsubasa mitsukai kurōbā!

"The New Flower Breeze of the Sky! The Wing of Earth's Bird
Guardian Angel Clover!"
Loo/Taim August 6, 2013
Rubi was asked to help the Southern Lights girls soccer team out. Two of their best players have been injured right before an important match against the team of the Great Castle Memorial Academy. Rubi and Yuuka agreed to replace the missing girls during the upcoming match. While practicing for the match, Rubi, Yuuka and her two new friends meet some students of the rival academy, of whom one turns out to come from a family of athletics. Even though being impressed by it, Rubi is still positive that her team will be the victorious one. Yet,… a strange wind is blowing lately…
06 Ao no rokkuon! Soi yūki no himo yurayura Mitsukai Shichiria!
"Rock On in Blue! Swining Along the String of Courage, Guardian Angel Sicilia!"
Voide August 13, 2013
After being forced to do the shifts of her sister, Robin asks Rubi to accompany her on her trip to the path of music. On a calm morning, the two visit the popular shopping street, where they meet a girl who appeared to be a street musician. While talking to the girl, the three witness a local musician being mistreated by strangers. Unable to just stand back and watch, the girl goes ahead and protects the musicians, and asks the strangers for a battle on music’s side. Yet, even before the battle could start, a weird power sucks up all noise of the place…!
07 Ōzora no odayaka ojōsama! Hirogare byakuren no kakera!
"The Young Lady of the Large Sky! Spread out Far, Fragments of Purity!"
Halo August 20, 2013
Several days have passed since the awakening of the blue Guardian Angel of liquids. For the last few months, a young lady has had the same dream every night. In her dreams, she saw a pastel blue, almost white, polar light reaching across the town, surrounding her and covering her body in warm emotions. After the eight night with this dream, the girl, Amashiro Kiyomi, decides to tell her best friend about it. Her friend, who happens to be Sapphie, recognizes it and compares it with the feeling she felt when becoming Angel Sicilia. Sapphie decides to talk with the others about it. But before the five could discuss it, Halo once again attacks the town and forces the girls to fight. Meanwhile Kiyomi…
08 Kokoro to chie o tsunagu! Hiroi tenkū e!
Ganba kuru mitsukai mirenia!


"Connecting the Heart with Wisdom! Towards the Vast Sky! You Can do it, Guardian Angel Millennia!"
Halo August 27, 2013
After being unable to transform into the final Guardian Angel, Kiyomi decides to visit a local shrine to leave her worries and doubts with a heavenly force. As she returns to her family’s home, she bumps into Loo, who has heard about her failed transformation already. Even though being enemies, he decides to talk to her. There was just something about the situation that forced him to act. After their conversation, Kiyomi heads home, where she is surprised by her new friends, who wanted to cheer her up. As the six were spending the remaining day together, Halo approaches Hisakata once more and sucks up all the colors around the area. The girls head out to fight the monster. And Kiyomi is…
09 Zokuzoku! Nyūmūn no kokufū no riyū!
"Thrilled! The Reason behind the New Moon's darkening Storm!"
Brek September 3, 2013
With Guardian Angel Millennia, all six Guardian Angels have finally gathered and all together, they have the power to stop the power of darkness. While the fairies from Skyriver are celebrating their success, the warriors of Kamon are fearing the consequences of the reunited force of the holy light. Having to face the rage of Catastrophe, the darkness itself, they send the youngest elite to make sure that the Angels fail in using their angelic powers. While Brek is approaching the Angels, the others remember what they may have forgotten…
10 Sekai no kyōkai mukō e! Kokoro no hokkori kimochi wa‥?
"Beyond the Boundaries of the World! The soft Feeling inside the Heart is...?"
Voide September 10, 2013
After a week filled with exhausting fights and school work, the six girls have agreed to meet up and spend a calm day in Hisakata together. However, after a while the group has lost trace of Kiyomi who was lost in thoughts while looking into the clear blue sky. As her thoughts returned to reality, she was left alone by her friends and decided to look for them. Yet, instead of finding her friends, Kiyomi comes across someone she was very grateful for his help. Kiyomi decided to take the opportunity and thank him for his help. Strangely, this conversation made her really happy…
11 Tsuyoki shōjo: Daisuki to sekimu no hasamaru tatakai!
"Confident Girl: The Battle Between the Loved and Duty!"
Brank September 17, 2013
Yuuki Ririan, one of the most popular students among the Southern Lights Academy. She’s wide known for her gentle behavior, for being supportive and her skills at tennis. Yet, what most people are not aware of is, that Ririan is a hard worker, who puts all of her efforts into her work at school and at her parents’ ranch. Though being an unofficial member of the team, Ririan was asked to play in the upcoming match. However, her parents’ require her to stay at home and watch the animals while they are away. Torn between her favorite sport and her duty,… what will Ririan do…?
12 Furu surottoru!! Aoi iro nami ue no♪ Furēfurē Paison!!
"Full throttle!! On Top of the Blue Colored Wave♪ You Can Do, Python!!"
Brank September 24, 2013
Wait…! Sapphie is the unofficial member of a rock band?? As exciting as it sounds, who exactly is “Python”? After meeting some of her good friends at the Path of Music the other day, Sapphie has great news to tell her friends. The band Python is having it’s first official performance at the Path of Music. Proud at what she managed to accomplish, she invites all of her friends to come and see Python along with her. At the concert, the girls find out that the leader of Python …!
13 Robin no keikaku: Nēsan no himitsu o miidasu yo!!
"Robin's Plan: I will reveal my Sister's Secret!!"
Taim October 1, 2013
Akabayashi Robin is furious. For the last few days, Robin was forced to do her sister’s shifts at their parents’ restaurant. Thus she had less time to spend with her friends or work on her hobbies. One day, she seeks to speak with Rubi, who avoids her and her questions. As result, Robin grows suspicious of her twin sister and decides to follow her one day. She wants to find out what her sister is hiding from her…!
14 Yūjin no kotoba wa 'kurariddo'!
"The Word for Friend is "Cularido"!"
Voide October 8, 2013
Ema’s heart is pounding out of excitement. Her father has finally got a free day again, which they will spend with a friendly picnic during the mid-autumn. Ema, however, also wants her friends to meet her father! While preparing the picnic, Ema notices a classmate of Rubi and the others. Much like Ema’s father, Loo and Voide were given a free day, which they could spend with whatever they wanted. Though Ema recognized both of them, she decided to keep calm about it, as they seemed rather happy…
15 Dokidoki~tsu~! Nanda kore… kokoro de no attakai kimochi?
"Pounding~! What is this... Warm Feeling in the Heart?"
N/A October 15, 2013
Though the leaves slowly turn red and cover the paths, the sun is heating up the town of Hisakata one last time this autumn and the girls decide to use this sunny day the fullest. This Saturday, the girls have agreed to meet in town and spend the last thoughts of summer together. However, as they are walking by some stores, they bump into someone familiar. Kiyomi, who remembers her last meeting with Loo, suddenly gets very excited over the thought to “show him around town”, though does not want to leave her friends behind. Yet, her friends encourage her to just split and enjoy her day. They’d get in contact later on. Meanwhile, the scene is observed by…
16 Nakinai o!! Koi o sakebigoe, shirayuki no kokoro o!
"Don't Cry!! Scream For Love, Snow White Heart!"
Halo October 22, 2013
Loo has spent the last days with the thoughts to confront the girls with the truth. Lately, he had been told to stop playing friends with them and get back to the actual business. In order to clear his thoughts from worries and doubts, he decided to walk around town, where he suddenly bumped into the girls. Though this was a chance to confront the girls, he instead accepted their offer to spend a day with Kiyomi… to be “shown around town”. Meanwhile, he and Kiyomi were watched by Halo, who waited to see how it turns out before making his move. The day then ended in a disaster…
17 Ai o akiramenai o kudasai! Kiyomi to kyōkan no boisu!
"Please don't Give Up on Love! Kiyomi and A Voice of Sympathy!!"
Voide October 29, 2013
A few days have passed since Kiyomi has met the unpleasant feeling of someone’s heart being torn apart. She hardly said or ate anything, and only left her room very rarely. This behavior made her friends and family worry a lot about her. And they weren’t the only ones as it seems. During the incident, Voide has realized how much it must have hurt her. After taking some time to rethink the situation, he came to the conclusion that what they felt may not be as different, and decided to go and talk with her about it…
18 Hisakata-shi no hakuchō! Tsubaki no imōto no
taisetsu na mono wa...

"Hisakata's White Swan! The Most Important Thing of
Tsubaki's Sister is..."
Brek November 5, 2013
It’s time! It’s time for the Hisakata Winter Festival and Ema’s older sister Tsubaki has announced that she and her friends, with whom she has formed a dance group, will perform at the festival! While everyone is excited to hear about the news, Ema seems a little sad about the news. Even though Ema doesn’t talk about the issue much, the girls soon find out that Ema and Tsubaki used to practice ballet together when they were children.
19 Hoshizora uta e! Yattekuru poppu aidoru wa jūshī yo!
"Towards the Starry Sky's Song! The Arriving Pop Idols are Juicee!"
Brek November 12, 2013
The special day the music loving Sapphie has waited for has finally come! Tomorrow, the popular idol unit Juicee will perform in Hisakata and she’s one of the few who got the tickets to attend! Her friends, meanwhile all agreed to help Rubi’s parents, who were made responsible for catering services. However, the girls aren’t the only ones to have found out about Juicee coming to Hisakata as it seems. Brek seems to plot on using the concert for her plans.
20 Rubi no dai ikari! Futa go no futatsu kokoro no honō!!
"Rubi's Great Anger! The Flame of the Twin's Double Hearts!!"
Taim November 19, 2013
Definitely unforgivable! In order to defeat the Guardian Angels, Time has been following Robin for the last few days. He came to the conclusion that if you want to control someone, you have to get to them from the inside. After Rubi and Robin had a terrible fight the past night, Robin had suddenly disappeared. As the Angels were unable to find her, they started to wonder if...
21 Yūki to seijitsu ojōsan! Ririan tai jibun no hokori!!
"The Young Lady of Courage and Sincerity! Ririan VS. her own Pride!!"
Brank November 26, 2013
Yuuki Ririan is a strong girl, who has the bad habit of thinking the well being of other people are more important than her own. During the last few days, Ririan has done much to help others, yet Amber is worried about her friends. She’s worried that she’s overdoing it and might forget about herself. While trying to help the student council, Ririan then collapses…!
22 Yume dai pinchi!? Emerarudo ga sakkā no yameru!
"The Dream's in a Pinch!? Ema will Quit Soccer!"
Brank December 3, 2013
Minotori Ema loves playing soccer and has been playing soccer since she was a child. Today, the next big match is only one month away. However, during her practice, Ema injures her left leg and is probably unable to take part in the coming math. But even worse, after the accident, Ema started to question her soccer skills and thinks of quitting?!
23 Tsubasa no genki egao! Yūmei no kichō wa koko ni no ni tsuku!?
"A Wings' Energetic Smile! The Famous Pilot is landing Right Here!?"
Voide December 10, 2013
Since she was ten years old, Amber has been living with her aunt Hanae in Hisakata. Her mother works as an artist in the downtown, who also sells jewelries. Her father, however, hasn’t been in Hisakata for a few years. After hearing about the great news from her aunt, Amber can’t hold back her excited. Might she finally see her beloved father again!?
24 Unmeidzukeru saikai! Mi tsukai no atarashī nakama! ?
"A Reunion of Fate! The Angels' New Company!?"
Halo December 17, 2013
Gather up! The power of the eternal darkness is heading towards Feather Castletown with their ultimate plan to defeat the Guardian Angels? You gotta be kidding. They are approaching the Feather Plaza, where they wait for the Angels to show to while their darkness is spreading. But as the angels arrive, they realize that the enemies are way too strong for them??
25 Min'na no nijiiro kagayake kibō no! Zettai mamorinuku!!
"Everyone's Rainbow-Colored Shining Hope! We will Definitely Protect it!!"
Halo December 24, 2013
Snow is falling all around Toyama, including Feather Castletown. It's the 24th of December, when the little group decides to gather up all together before enjoying the feast of love together with their families. Yet, the humans are not the only ones to celebrate an important holiday. Driven by their rage, the elite warriors come to attack and this time, they seem a lot more powerful!!
26 Yume o mukemasu yo!! Kira yake no hoshizora nozomi! Watashi no shinjite!!
"Towards My Dream!! Sparkle, Wish of the Starry Sky! I do Believe!!"
Brek January 7, 2014
Akabayashi Robin, the ongoing super top designer!? Amazing, Rubi's twin sister seems to have her future planned well. Her aim is to become one of the greatest fashion designer Japan has ever met. But she's still a long way to go... New Year's day 2014: Robin gathered up all of her confidence to show her latest design concepts to her family. However, it seems like they are not the only ones to be interested in the designs...
27 Taiyō to chīsana hana mitai ni! Daichi no mitsukai no yakusoku!!
"Like the Sun and a Small Flower! Earth's Guardian Angels' Promise!!"
Brek January 14, 2014
Guardian Angel Clover, the angel of nature and wind, and Guardian Angel Ampere, the angel of strength of thunder. The two Guardian Angels representing the forces of nature are caught up in a fight? Unbelievable. That fight, that has it's origin in a few misunderstandings between the two even influences their magical abilities! The rage of nature has to be stopped!
28 Vu~ivu~āsu to puresutishimō! Anbā ojōsan no daisuki piano konsāto!
"Vivace and Prestissimo! Lady Amber's Beloved Piano Concert!"
Halo January 21, 2014
Love comes from one's hearts and can influence everything a person does. These are the lines of the favorite song, which Amber used to play as a child. It's a brand new year and Amber was suddenly called by one of her old friends from before she met Ririan and Rubi. Amber, who used to play piano on stage, is once more invited to play her favorite melody in front of a big gathering. But something does not feel right. Will Amber be able to play her song in the end...?
29 Sukaiburū odoroki, ichido chansu!! Safi ga eiō e ni demu ku!?
" Sky Blue Surprise, One Time Chance! Sapphie Goes to England!?"
Time January 28, 2014
Sapphie is the princess of music. But besides that, she also had a lot of other interests. For example, she's been always dreaming of going to another country. So she signed herself up for a competition that may allow her to travel to England for a while. The Amehara National Ice Skating competition will be held in a few days and Sapphie is eager with practicing. Only question remains... is Sapphie graceful enough?
30 Medetashi medetashidesu ka? Kirakirato tte matte! Watashitachi e no meruhen wārudo??
"Happily Ever After, right? Sparkling and- wait! We are going to the Fairytale World??"
Brek February 4, 2014
Once upon a time, once upon a time. All the past plans to defeat the Guardian Angels have been failure. In order to rescue herself and everyone from Catastrof's rage, Brek came up with a new plan to crush the Angels. Inspired by classic stories she found on earth, she used her powers to create a curse that would trap the Guardian Angels in a far, faraway world...
31 Kiyomi ū ra Petīto Pantoufuru de Vuēru!
"Kiyomi ou la Petite Pantoufle de verre!"
Time February 11, 2014
Faraway in a different world, which… doesn’t look that different from the world the girls know, new tasks and challenges await the Guardian Angels of the Sky. Kiyomi is the first to enter this new world as she decides to enter this world’s version of her parents’ house. The moment as she enters it, she finds herself inside some sparkling medieval ages. She soon is told that her friends are allowed to attend a royal ball, while she has to stay at home doing the chores. Knowing what she had been confronted with, Kiyomi and Bayla decide to sneak out…
32 Uta de utau ranpion no utsukushī koe! Kōtō no purinsesu!
"Singing the Song, Beautiful Rampion Voice! The Princess of the High Tower!"
Brank February 18, 2014
Though being trapped inside a different world, everything looks like they have know it for their whole lives. Yet, the girls agreed to be more carefully, especially around strangers or people that look like they came out of a popular fairytale. However, when Ririan was helping at her parents’ ranch, she was lost in her thoughts when a stranger approached her and asked her for help. Ririan, kind as always, of course agrees to help the stranger and gets herself and her friends dragged into yet another search for a happy end. And Ririan… finds herself inside a high tower…
33 Fujisan ue no gekkō no terumasu! Sutekina hime-sama tanjō!
"The Moonlight is shining over Mt. Fuji! A Beautiful Princess is Born!"
Voide February 25, 2014
The other night, Sapphie was playing her guitar while ‘helping’ Kiyomi with her studies, the other night, Sapphie woke up in an ancient Japan. Wearing a dark blue Kimono and looking at Mt. Fuji right in front of her, Sapphie realized she had been transformed into the only Japanese fairytale protagonist she knows, the shining princess of the moon. While her admirers are looking for the gifts she requested them to find, Sapphie was on a seemingly endless search for her friends. However, instead of her friends, she found the emperor…!
34 Ima ha mukashi… Arisu otome to midori usagi no fushigi no kuni!
"Once Upon A Time... The Wonderful Land of the Arisu Maiden and the Green Rabbit!"
March 4, 2014
Once upon a time, once in a faraway country, there was a girl who fell into a rabbit hole, leading to Wonderland. This girl's name was... Ema!? Just like a dream, Ema and Linden are making their way through the magical forest of wonders, where they meet the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and... And why do they all look like Ema's friends? It was fun, but as Ema tries to leave this dreaming land...
35 Jabujabu mizuasobi, Nippon no ningyo!
Ninfu anbā no funshitsu no koe!

"Splashing and Playing with Water, the Japanese Mermaid!
Nymph Amber's Lost Voice!"
Halo March 11, 2014
As they were spending a day at the Asagahama in Hisakata, Amber and her best friend Ririan were surprised by a Howabeast which suddenly attacked the two. The two managed to defeat the monster, however, the fight didn’t end well for both of the angels. As Amber loses her transformation, she turns into a mermaid and at the top of things, she had lost her voice. Surprised and worried, Ririan decides to call the others, hoping that all together could find a way to get back the lost voice. Amber on the other hand, enjoys being free inside the vast ocean!
36 Red Moon, Be Careful!! The Dark Woods is ... filled with Danger!
"Red Moon, Be Careful!! The Dark Woods is ... filled with Danger!"
March 18, 2014
The night had been a lot darker, the past nights, Robin thought as she and Rubi cleaned the tables and washed the dishes after closing the restaurant for the day. Though acknowledging Robin’s worries, Rubi was all excited and determined to finally get out of the strange world of magical misfortune and fairytales. But as she opens the door to her room, Rubi suddenly founds herself inside a small wooden house with. While looking around, she finds a letter lying on the table. Though being unable to read what the letter said, Rubi picks up the basket and leaves the house. Knowing what fairytale she was trapped inside, Rubi waited for the wolf to appear!
37 Agare yami no honō, matsukai kurimuson tanjō! Tte nani??
"Rise, Flame of Darkness, the Birth of Demon Chimaira! Wait, what??"
March 25, 2014
You gotta be kidding! While Rubi has trapped inside the fairytale, they used the power of darkness on her and turned her into a human katahowa?? Guardian Angel- no Demon Chimaira is now going to attack the remaining five angels, and seems to be a lot stronger than they are. What should they do. They can't fight their friend, or can they...?
38 Yami no chikara no atsumare! ! Mitsukai no dai dai pinchi desu ka??
"Gather, Power of Darkness!! The Angels in A Great Pinch??"
Catastrophe April 1, 2014
No way? Rubi is about to give up in being a Guardian Angel? After what happened with Demon Chimaira, Rubi doesn't feel like they can do any good to save the world from darkness. While the others are trying to cheer her up and change her mind, the power of the eternal darkness start rising and reach the Feather Bell. Split up in two groups, the Angels are facing the power of the eternal darkness...
39 Omoide wa u~en'ubīn naka ni no takuwaeru!
"Omoide wa u~en'ubīn naka ni no takuwaeru!"
N/A April 8, 2014
The Venwiin is a little owned, stuffed with the greatest memories of a young boy's life time. The Venwinn is a book, belonging to Loo. He usually keeps it away from everyone else, but when Sapphie and Rubi, the great questioning starts! He's actually got a past, how interesting! How annoying... but it's unlikely that he'll get out of that situation easily.. Oh well.
40 Dame yo! Owari no dokuyaku poizonasu de… tte boide??
"You can't! Poisonus, the Poison of the End... wait, Voide??"
Voide April 15, 2014
Unbelievable! The elite warriors were granted a new, deadly power, the Poisonus! Everything started peacefully, when the girls used their free afternoon to spend it with each other and their friends. But suddenly, Voide appeared. Something was different tho. Being caught in a lose-lose situation, he chose the only possible way and introduced the new Poisonus to the Guardian Angels...
41 Ashita ni inori! Seijitsu namida to sayonara・boide!
"A Prayer for Tomorrow! Sincere Tears and Goodbye・Voide!"
Voide April 22, 2014
It can't be! The new power turns the possessed one into a monster without will! The power of the Poisonus has been used by Voide at himself to get out of this dead-end labyrinth. Being turned into a Poisonus, the Angels have no other chance than defeating him. As no heart warming words seemed to touch him anymore. Is there no other way...?
42 Kaimei de mitasu! Hinote kurimuson tai erīto horō!
"Filled with the dark! Blazing Chimaira Against the Elite Halo!"
Halo April 29, 2014
After Voide's been defeated, the villains have realized that the final fight has started. However, they didn't seem to be worried about the Angels at all. Their worries were rather based on that new power Catastrophe introduced to the group a while ago, which also cost Voide's life. Netherless, Halo was not ready to give up yet. No, he rather saw this as the perfect chance to get his revenge... finaly.
43 āfekuto yami ka‥? Owari ni mukatte buranku no deguchisenryaku!
"The Perfect Darkness...? Facing Towards the End・Brank's Exit Strategy!"
Brank May 6, 2014
While the girls were enjoying a sunny day in spring, Brank was planning yet another strategy to attack the girls. Separated from the public, Brank went to the Feather Castle, where he started to spread a kind of magic none of the girls have ever seen before; the perfect darkness. The perfect darkness, as explained by Loo, is a pitch black cluster, known to swallow any light, any hope and leaves nothing but destruction. Surprised, the girls headed towards the origin of the darkness, where they found Brank with a Poisonus...
44 Ai no tame ni! Chichi no hateshinai musume no aijō!
"For the Sake of Love! A Father's Boundless Love for the Daughter!"
May 13, 2014
Incredible! It almost looks like the Guardian Angels are about to win! Only two of the elite warriors are still alive! And once they are gone... Catastrophe plans to make his next move?? Overhearing Catastrophe's plans, Time gets worried. Worried, that his daughter is about to face the Guardian Angels with the power of the perfect darkness. Is that how it will end? Time decides to fight this so-called chosen destiny and accompanies Brek in her fight against the Guardian Angels...
45 Jōdandeshou!? Tsukihime to purinsu? Zettai! Tondemonai!!
"You Gotta be Kidding!? The Princess of the Moon and the Prince?? Absolutely! Impossible!!"
Brek May 20th, 2014
Absolutely impossible? Definitely!! This is definitely going to end up in a fight! Or will it...? Sapphie's mother, Aoba Skye is planning a special event to support those who need help. Great idea, terrible decision. To help her, Skye asked her daughter for help, whom she asked to work together with Loo. It seems like Skye has witnessed Loo helping a little girl earlier the day. Sapphie and Loo working together in peace... totally impossible!!
46 Kurai no namida! Makkura ohimesama no makki yokubō!
"Tears of Dark! The Princess of Pitch Black's Final Desire!"
Brek May 27th, 2014
Tears, sorrow, grief, revenge. Ever since the Guardian Angels have defeated Time, who sacrificed himself for Brek's sake, Brek wants nothing more than to get her revenge. Furious that the Angels took away her beloved father, she went to seek out for the power of the ultimate Poisonus. Catastrophe handed her the power of the Poisonus surprisingly fast. With that power in her hands, she went to seek for the Guardian Angels and to fight them one last time...
47 Tsuyoku to utsukushiku no! Musubitsuku no kokoro no fiasu chikara!
"Strong and Beautiful! The Fierce Power of Connected Hearts!"
Catastrophe June 3rd, 2014
Even though they have been attacked by lots a Howabeats lately, the girls are not going to let this interrupt their personal lives by these attacks. One day, when Amber found out that Robin is going to take part in a competition she couldn't pass the entrance audition, she got slightly jealous. Frustrated that she couldn't take part in it herself, Amber gets in a fight with Robin, which is a big surpise for Rubi and the others. A short while later, the two coincidentally meet outside of the Torigoe Theater...
48 Zettai yurusanai! Hikari sekai no ubawareta kibō no kakera!
"Definitely Unforgivable! The World of Light's Stolen Piece of Hope!"
Catastrophe June 10th, 2014
When it almost seems like the Guardian Angels have found enough strength to fight against the eternal darkness, the darkness itself seem to spread around the whole world. Alarmed and worried about the situation, the six girls go to face Catastrophe to rescue their world. Even though they are not sure how the fight will go, the Angels are determined to fight. However, the darkness is spreading fast and Catastrophe seems to gain his powers through the darkness. At the end, Catastrophe has actually been waiting for the Angels to show up...
49 Haruka to hirogare min'na no kō to yume!
Mugen no hikari no enjeru!

"Everyone's Fortune and Dreams Spread Far and Wide!
Unlimited Angels Of Light!"
Catastrophe June 17th, 2014
The Guardian Angels have almost been defeated by Catastrophe! But luckily, they were rescued by Loo, who used every bits of his powers to block Catastrophe's attack and then used his power to get the Angels somewhere safe. Glad that they are alright, the fairies and Loo need to face that the Angels seem to have lost any hope. Meanwhile, the world of light is slowly swallowed by darkness...