Angels Of The Starry Sky☆Spread the Hope of the Vast Sky!
Sutā no shugo mi tsukai: Hoshizora no mitsukai ☆ ōzora no kibō o hirogaru!
General Information
Created onMay 2014
Original ReleaseMay 23, 2015
Art DesignFairySina
Movie Info
SeriesGuardian Angels Of The Stars
OpeningLove-Colored Rainbow Stars
EndingPrecious little Twinkle

Angels Of The Starry Sky☆Spread the Hope of the Vast Sky! (星空のミツカイ☆大空の希望を広がる! Hoshizora no mitsukai ☆ ōzora no kibō o hirogaru!?) is the second official movie of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and is the first and only movie of Guardian Angels Of The Stars, the second season of the series.

The movie centers around the magic forces of a distand world, known as the kingdom of Preciosa. This movie also works as introduction of the first spin-off season Starry Sky Girls: Nova V, which plays a year prior the events of the movie.


The royal family of the kingdom of Preciosa have always been watching over the power of the legendary Prismas. An unknown time ago, one of the sisters, who were ruling over the kingdom have sent a fairy to gather those girls who were chosen by the legendary Prismas, the greatest power existing in the world of Preciosa. Those girls were known as the magical girls of the starry sky – or short Starry Sky girls. Their enemy was the evil witch Agate, who, however, turned out to be stronger than the Starry Sky girls. The girls passed away during the fight and left the Prismas alone. Now, the queen has sent two fairy warriors to earth in order to ask the legendary angels of the sky for help.



Guardian Angels


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