Hyojo Shieru

Hyōjō Shieru
Personal Information
SeasonBeautiful Witches Seasons
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlaceHisakata Town
Family Information
ParentsHyojo Nanase
Hyojo Akihiro
SiblingsHyojo Rin
Anime Information
First AppearanceEpisode B04
SeiyuuIshimaru Miyu

Hyojo Shieru氷上詩絵流」is a main character of the Beautiful Witches Seasons, who made her first debut in Beautiful Witches Of Earth, the first season of the next gen series.

Shieru is a calm and collected young girls, who likes Japanese tradition. She is usually very gentle and always tries to think postive. Shieru is the human alter ego of Lil' Witch Crystal.

General Information


Shieru is a rather collected middle school student. She likes traditional stuff and even joined the Traditional Japanese club at her school. She is very calm and tries to stay positive. While being grown up inside a pretty wild and modern family, Shieru also likes silent situations, since she can concentrate there way better. She has also thought about joining the theater club, but is not sure about that yet. Though she is rather calm, Shieru can also be pretty impulsive and can get angry very fast. Besides her excitement for traditional stuff, she also is very into folktales and mythologies.


Shieru has wavy, dark blue hair that she has tied to a ponytail, hold by a double-layered ribbon with a plastic flower attached to it. She wears a green hair pink with a pink blossom attached to it. She wears a light purple vest that goes to her hips and she usually keeps opened. Underneath the vest, she wears a light blue dress with a pink ribbon tied around her hips. Two dark blue strings are tied around her hips, underneath the pink ribbon. She wears white stockings that reach to her knees and purple sandals. Shieru has blue eyes.



  • Hyojo Nanase: Nanase is Shieru's mother, who works at a local flower store Blumenmädchen. Nanase is a kind, yet pretty strict person, who tends to be quite a perfectionist.
  • Hyojo Akihiro: Shieru's father. He appears to be a kind and generous person, who is, however, usually very busy at work. Due to his tight work schedule, Akihiro hardly has got time to spend with his family.



Hyojo (氷上?) - Hyojo comes from Hyo (?) meaning "ice", combined with Jo (?) meaning "on" or "above". Hyojo can be translated as "on ice" or "above ice".

Shieru (詩絵流?) - Shieru's given name is written with the kanjis Shi (?) meaning "poem", E (?) meaning "picture" and Ru (?) meaning "fashion", "style" or "manner". However, Shieru is also the Japanese pronunciation of the French name "Ciel", which means "sky".




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