Kiseki Mirai Primary School (奇跡未来小学校 Kiseki mirai shōgakkō?) is a school in Feather Castletown, appearing in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. It is the only elementary school known in Feather-Castletown. The Kiseki Mirai Primary School only appears in the background of the anime.

Role in the Anime

The Kiseki Mirai Primary School is only seen in the background of the story and has never had an important role in Sky Pretty Cure or any of the other seasons. However, the Kiseki Mirai Primary School seems to have a lot people attending the school. During some episodes, the school can be seen visited by many students. The Kiseki Mirai Primary School was first named on Hanazawa Ai's character profile.

Noteable Students


  • Kiseki Mirai Primary School's name comes from Kiseki (奇跡?) meaning "miracle" and Mirai (未来?) meaning "future".


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