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The MIKAN~PAN (ミカン〜パン Mikan~Pan?), official name MIKAN~PAN Bakery (ミカン〜パン屋 Mikan~Pan-ya?), is a location appearing in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. The MIKAN~Pan is a little bakery owned by Tachibana Haru, Tachibana Amber's aunt. The bakery is located in the Asagao Ward of Feather Castletown and is rather close to the Feather Bell Restaurant, owned by Akabayashi Rubi's family. Prior to Guardian Angels Of The Sound, the MIKAN~Pan majorly sold pastries like cakes, buns or bread. But as of episode 105, the MIKAN~Pan also started to sell desserts, that were created by Mikanki Amber. One of their desserts is the Mikan Orange Parfait.


The MIKAN~PAN is located in a relatively small building close to the Feather Bell in the eastern parts of Feather Castletown. The shop is located on the first floor of the house and has got a separated room. The room of the bakery has the biggest space of the whole house. The bakery is connected to the main house via a normal door, which is usually locked when the shop is opened. The bakery can be entered through a glass door which is close to the house's actual entrance. While the visitors can sit inside the bakery, there are also tables outside the store.

The main building has a total of three floors. The first floor is at the same height as the bakery and where the kitchen and living room is located at. In the basement, the Mikanki family stores the stuff they may not need right now and also store important things for the MIKAN~PAN. The second floor is used by the family to sleep. The guest rooms, as well as Amber's and Haru's rooms are located there.


  • The MIKAN~PAN's name literally means "Mandarin Orange Bread".



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