Tachibana Amber
Avatar Tachibana Amber

Tachibana Anbā
Personal Information
SeasonGuardian Angels Of The Sky
Title(s)Coral Princess
Age14 - 16
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceHisakata
Family Information
ParentsTachibana Hinata
Tachibana Kenshin
RelativesTachibana Hanae
Anime Information
First AppearanceEpisode 01
Last AppearanceEpisode 137
SeiyuuTaneda Risa
Image Gallery

Tachibana Amber is a main character of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and the civilian alias of Guardian Angel Aurorae. Amber is a smart and very elegant young girl. Amber has got a good sense of fashion and designing. She is usually described as very helpful by to people who know her well. Currently, she lives with her aunt since her parents are somewhere else in Japan.

Her catchphrase is "Completely perfect!" (かんぜんに完璧(かんぺき) Kanzen ni kanpeki!?).

Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Amber Tachibana
  • Japanese: 立花アンバー
  • Birthday: July 4th
  • Birthplace: Feather-Castletown
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: Completely perfect!
  • Habit(s):
  • Favorite...
    • Food: Parfait; Strawberry, Pudding, Peaches
    • Color: Yellow, Red
    • Music: Calm music


  • In season one, it was shown that Amber has a fear of ghosts.
  • However, she has also been shown to be afraid of heights.


  • Prior to the beginning of the series, Amber thought about becoming a designer one day.
  • However, she never seemed to develop this dream, even though she likes to please others with her designs.
  • In the second season, Amber realized the loved making sweets.
  • In addition, Amber soon decided she wanted to run a bakery, like the MIKAN~Pan, one day.


  • Athletic Skills: While Amber acts like she is not athletic at all, Amber has quite got some stamina. However, Amber doesn't rely on it for sports. Since she thinks of sports to be not as important in her life, she tends to avoid it and leave that topic to others. Amber, however, does have problems in keeping up her speed. Yet, Amber is not in a bad condition as she runs for at least an hour after getting up in the morning.
  • Academic Skills: Amber's grades are usually slightly above the average. Yet, she would never praise herself based on what grades she scored. She always tries her best in order to achieve a pleasant life one day. In order to reach that goal, she believes that she needs to give all she can even at school. She usually tries helping Ruby with her problems at school. However, she gets frustrated about Ruby's attitude about school and studying.
  • Other Skills: Amber has shown before that she has got quite a big imagination. It seems easy for Amber to think up funny, beautiful, interesting, cool and original designs. About some years ago, Amber has always thought she might turn this ability into her future dream. However, she is not only creative in fashion designs, but also when it comes to making sweets. Besides that, Amber has a big heart and tries to help others as good as she can. However, he usually decides to help others before realizing what they asked her for.

Physical Information


Clothing Style

Amber has a good sense of fashion, however, she only wears the things she likes. She has not many preferences but usually is not a big fan of "cool" clothes. She rather wears cute clothes or clothes that are considered as "sexy" by others.


In civilian, Amber wears an orange tshirt that is one sleeved and ends under her chest. Underneath the tshirt, she wears a yellow top that goes over her hips and even covers parts of her skirt. Her skirt is dark blue, almost grey with white-yellowish buttons on it. She wears dark brown ankle boots and bracelets. A red one around her right wrist and an orange as well as a yellow one around her left wrists. Amber has wavy dark brown hair that goes past her shoulder. She also wears an orange hair band and her eye color is brown.

During winter seasons, Amber wears a dark orange pullover with yellow dots on it. She wears a brown skirt that ends far over her knees. She wears black ankle boots and yellow socks. Outdoors, she wears a dark green winter jacket over her outfit.


In school, she has to wear the Nijiiro Private Middle School uniform for girls. The summer uniform consists of a short sleeved top that also as a dark sailor collar and a purple ribbon it. The uniform has a dark skirt that has a dark cyan belt. The students wear grey stockings and blue slippers.

The winter uniform consists of a black blazer with a similar sailor collar as the summer uniform has. The skirt and it's belt is the same as well as the stockings and the slippers.

Additional Outfits

When working at MIKAN~PAN, Amber wears a greenish yellow dress with orange colored sleeves. She wears a light green apron with MIKAN~PAN's logo on it over the dress' skirt. She wears brown boots that have a little star on them. And she wears a light green headband.

As Sangatsu Amber Usagi-chan, she wears a dark white, long-sleeved shirt and wears a brown tie with yellow stripes. She wears a brown skirt with brown suspenders. She wears dark brown loafers and beige socks, ending under her knees. She wears a green head band with brown bunny ears attached to it.

When Amber transforms into a mermaid in episode 32, she wears an orange colored bikini top with a light blue layer. She wears a green and yellow colored mermaid's tail with an orange something that looks like a belt. She wears an orange gem on a necklace. A part of her hair is tied into a small pony tail, hold by a yellow shell and little pearls. She wears an orange colored tiara.

Movie Casual

In Holidays at Skyriver, Amber wears a long, one sleeved orange colored top with a white shirt, which is also one sleeved, underneath. She wears black jeans that reach under her knees and black and white boots. Instead of the orange hair band, she wears a bright yellow ribbon in her hair.

In The Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, Amber wears a shoulder free blue[1] colored top and a white skirt. She wears silver, almost grey, boots and a pink and red colored bracelet on her right arm.

General Information


Amber is a smart and very elegant young girl. Other people might think that Amber might be a bit arrogant when they first meet her. But actually she is the exact opposite of that. She might have got some ego and is very interested in how she looks, but she is a caring person who likes to help others with their problems. Like her two best friends, she can be pretty stubborn at some time and easily gets annoyed, especially when Ruby keeps being late. Adding to that, Amber is pretty clever and is always trying to help Ruby to get better grades. Amber has got a good sense of fashion and designing. And besides that, she good in creating ‘new sweets’ for the MIKAN~PAN, to help her aunt. She is usually described as very helpful by to people who know her well.


Tachibana (立花?) - Tachibana comes from Tachi (?) meaning "standing", combined with Bana (?) meaning "flower" or "blossom". So Tachibana means "standing flower". However, Tachibana can also mean "mandarin orange", when written as 橘, which would be a direct reference to her alter ego and theme color.

Amber (アンバー?) - From the English word amber that denotes either the gemstone, which is formed from fossil resin, or the orange-yellow colour.[2]

Sangatsu Amber-Usagi-chan (三月アンバーウサギちゃん?) - Amber's name in Emerald's Adventures in Wonderland. Playing the role of the March Hare, her name is a mix of her name and the Japanese name of the March Hare; Sangatsu Usagi (三月ウサギ?).


Ambii (アンビー?) - The first nickname she got from Yousei A. Sina. Ambii is basically a cute version of her name Amber. However, it can also be seen of a different way to say Bambi.

Amber-chi (アンバーっち?) - The more Japanese-like nickname for Amber, which is more likely used than Ambii.


As a main character, Amber's voice actor, Taneda Risa has particated in several image songs for the character she voices:

  • ☻ happiness smile#egao ☺ (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho)
  • Rainbow Rose (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie)
  • living my dream (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie)
  • Mirai, Kibou, Destiny! (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • P R I S M (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • Niji Tenshi no Karaa (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • Forever Sky Pretty Cure ♥ (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)


  • Amber's birthday falls on July 4th, which makes her zodiac to be Cancer (♋).
  • Amber shares her birth month with Akabayashi Rubi, and is along with Aoba Sapphie and Takagi Chris, the only main character that shares her birth month with another main character.
  • Amber is known to be afraid of ghosts.
  • Amber has stated that her favorite place in Feather Castletown is the Rainbow Colored Coast.
  • As said in the 112th episode of the Series, Amber is represented by the carnation, which means "fascination" in the language of flowers.
  • Amber is revealed to be vegetarian.


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