"Same sky, new light!"— Rikka as she moves to Hisakata.

Momozaki Rikka is a main character of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and the civilian alias of Guardian Angel Papillon, the angelic warrior of love. She is a cheerful and energetic young entertainer, who loves nothing more than helping others to reach dreams.


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Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Momozaki Rikka
  • Japanese: 桃崎立夏
  • Birthday: January 1st
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 1.59 m
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: Love is everywhere!
  • Habit(s):
  • Favorite...
    • Food: Hayashi rice, Curry, Onigiri
    • Color: Everything except for Black
    • Music: No preferences, mostly listens to J-Pop


  • Rikka shows that she hates bugs, spiders, etc.


  • Rikka dreams of continuing her career in show business in the future.
  • She wants to give music to the world and maybe become an international super star.


  • Atlethic Skills: Even though Rikka's alethic skills are basically unknown, she still has a good stamina and practices dancing almost each day. Due to her job as an idol, it is also likely that Rikka is acutally very good in sports. However, it is known that she is not too happy whenever she's got to do any kinds of sports. She once revealed that she played the main role in a soccer-based movie.
  • Academic Skills: Much like her alethic skills, Rikka's skills in school are basically unknown. However since it was noticed that Rikka almost had to repeat a year, it is likely that she's got quite some problems in school. This might be due to her lack of interest towards school or her tight time idol schedule. However, Rikka requires to have neutral grades to stay an idol. This rule was set by her family when she started being a full-time idol.
  • Other Skills: Rikka is a very good entertainer. She has the ability to rise the mood in a room and can cheer up people who are feeling down. Besides that, she - of course - is very skilled in dancing, singing and acting, an idols normal activities. Rikka is also trained in talking with others, holding interviews or supporting others with their opinions.

General Information


Rikka is a very cheerful, energetic but also clumsy young girl. She is a popular idol who originally comes from Tokyo and moved several times until she and her family came to Feather Castletown. She always tries to stay positive no matter what comes. She might be easy to scare but Rikka is a fighter. A girly one, but a fighter. When she came to Feather Castletown, she had problems making new friends due to her status as idol. Most students just admired her but wouldn’t be the kind of friend Rikka was looking for. Later then, she found a best friend in Murasakiiro Amethyst who, surprisingly, had no idea that Rikka is an idol.

Clothing Style

As an idol, Rikka can wear whatever she wants to. She considers herself as "cute idol", so she really likes to wear cute clothes, that are mostly pink, white or purple. Childish clothes are perfect for her and also match her personatily very well.


In civilian, Rikka wars a white short sleeved shirt and a redish-pink skirt. A pink jacket is tied around her hips and she wears dark brown boots with even darker heels. She wears a bracelet of yellow beads around her left wrist. Rikka has pink hair that reaches over her shoulders and red eyes.

During winter seasons, Rikka wears a white tshirt with a pink pullover underneath. She wears dark blue jeans with blueish-violet pockets and a brown belt. She wears light brown boots that end under her knees.


Movie Casual

In The Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, Rikka wears a dark pink cloth of which two ends are tied together at her neck, joining to a bow behind her neck. She wears white pants that end over her knees. Over the pants, she wears a black belt of which a pink heart-shaped chain hangs down. She wears pale pink sandals, a star-shaped hair clip and a green[1] cloth around her right wrist.


Momozaki (桃崎?) - Momozaki comes from Momo (?) meaning "peach", combined with Zaki (?) meaning "small peninsula". So Momozaki means "small peninsula of peaches". Yet, if 色 ( iro?) is added right next to the 桃 it becomes Momoiro (桃色?) which literally means "pink color" in Japanese, which might be a reference to Guardian Angel Papillon's theme color.

Rikka (立夏?) - Rikka is a Japanese given name for girls, which means “beginning of summer”, or “first day of summer”. The single kanjis, however, mean Ri (?) meaning “standing” and Ka (?) meaning “summer”.


As a main character, Rikka's voice actor, Sakura Ayane has particated in several image songs for the character she voices:

  • Mirai, Kibou, Destiny! (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • P R I S M (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • Niji Tenshi no Karaa (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • Forever Sky Pretty Cure ♥ (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa,Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)


  • As said in episode 112, Rikka is represented by the Red Poppy, which means "fun-loving" in the language of flowers.


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