Itou Ami
Itou Ami New Design by FairySina

Itō Ami
Personal Information
SeasonGuardian Angels Of The Sky
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceHisakata
Family Information
ParentsItou Ayumu
Itou Haruna
SiblingsItou Asuka
Anime Information
First AppearanceEpisode 25 (cameo)
Last AppearanceEpisode 137
SeiyuuUchida Maaya
Image Gallery

Itou Ami伊藤(いとう)空美(あみ)」 is a main character appearing in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. She is the human alter ego of Guardian Angel Cavetta, the guardian angel of dreams. Ami is actually nice girl with a cool character. But ever since her sister and mother died, she has closed herself from the outside and even her father.


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Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Ami Itou
  • Japanese: 伊藤アメジスト
  • Birthday: February 24th
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Birthplace: Feather-Castletown
  • Height: 1,65
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: Find your dream!
  • Habit(s):
  • Favorite...
    • Food: Toast Hawaii, Pizza
    • Color: Ultramarine, Midnight Blue
    • Music: rock 'n' roll


Ami throughout the series hardly shows any fears and almost acts like she isn't afraid of anyting. However, it is known that since she lost her mother and sister during a car accident, she is afraid to lose anyone else that's important to her. Most importantly, she is afraid of losing her father one day. So the only known fear of Ami is losing a loved person that has an important role to her.


Based on the dream she had back as a five-year-old, Ami tries her best to become an author once she leaves school. This dream is based on what she said when she was five years old. Back then, she stated she "wants to be like her mother". Her mother, on the other hand was a popular author, who was mostly known for her books for children. Even though Ami thought this goal was unobtainable a while back, she is confident she can make it today.


  • Athletic Skills: Ami is not seen practicing sport a lot. However, she is somehow pretty sporty and knows dancing, though she never shows it. She has good stamina and can run pretty fast, throw and jump far. Ami also is pretty strong and could beat up some people.
  • Academic Skills: Ami's academic skills are unknown, however, it is known that she doesn't have much problems at school and is an average student. She has a lot common knowledge, which she uses in all day situations.
  • Other Skills: Ami has shown to have pretty good writing skills. Ami has a creative mind and can write down her ideas pretty well.

General Information


Ami is a calm and pretty cold young girl. She tends to close herself from others and is always cold towards people she doesn’t know. Ami has her own way to see things and describes other ways of thinking as ‘idiotic’, if they are too strange in her opinion. She likes calm moments and dislikes people being too active all the time. However, she also has something against people who are too calm. Besides her strict and cold nature on the outside, she also has a cute and nice character inside. She feels a little lonely, though she doesn’t admit it. Ami likes reading and writing stories. And once she has warmed up towards others, she is a lot nicer and tries to accept their way of thinking.

Clothing Style

The cool tsundere, Ami has an easy way of clothing herself. She likes dark colors like purple or black. However, sometimes she even wears brighter colors. She has no real peferences what to wear or not. But she wouldn't wear any Lolita Fashions, except for the Gothic, which match her personality, as she says.


In civilian, Ami wears a black tank top and a purple skirt. Over the top, she wears a grey jacket that ends under her chest and at the height of her elbows. Some golden pearls are attached to the collar of the jacket. She wears a golden pendant which hands down a silver chain. The pendant resembles a heart with a circle. She wears greyish brown boots with dark red trims. She has black hair that reaches to her shoulders and grey eyes.

In the winter seasons, Ami wears a white top with a brown vest over it and a violet scarf with a purple plaid pattern on it. She wears dark blue jeans and light brown boots that end under her knees.


As a student of Nishiyama Middle School, she wears the normal uniform for girls, which consits off a greyish-purple shirt of which the sleeves are rolled up to the upper half of the upper arm. Over the pocket of the shirt, a white wing - the school's symbol - is located and a purple tie is tied around the neck. The skirt of the uniform is slightly plated and is black colored, while a trim at the end is purple. The students wear silver shoes with black socks that reach to the knees. The winter uniform looks just the same, only that the sleeves of the shirt aren't rolled up.

Movie Casual

In The Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, Ami wears a dark red, shoulder free top whose sleeves reach a bit over her elbows. Underneath the top, she wears a black, long sleeved top that is very tight. She wears dark blue jean shorts. She wears lavender colored sneakers and the pendant she always wears.


Itou (伊藤?) - Itou comes from I (?) meaning "that one", combined with Tou (?) meaning "wisteria". So Itou means "that one wisteria". Wisteria is the name of a light lavender colored flower [1], which might be a reference to her alter ego and her theme colors.

Ami (空美?) - Ami is a popular Japanese feminine given name, whose meanings depend on the kanjis used to write the name. Since Ami’s name is written with the kanjis 空美, her name means “beautiful sky”, as A (?) means “sky” and Mi (?) means “beauty”.


Ame (アメ?) - Ame is the way FairySina calls Ami. As an actual Japanese word, Ame (?) means "rain", but this has nothing to do with Ami.

Amy (エイミー?) - Another nickname for Ami, used by FairySina. The name "Amy" comes from the old French name Amée meaning "beloved". The epiosde title of The Final Episode 03 also includes her nickname.


As a main character, Ami's voice actor, Uchida Maaya has particated in several image songs for the character she voices:

  • Mirai, Kibou, Destiny! (Along with Hirano Aya, Taneda Risa, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane)
  • P R I S M (Along with Hirano Aya, Taneda Risa, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane)
  • Niji Tenshi no Karaa (Along with Hirano Aya, Taneda Risa, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane)
  • Forever Sky Pretty Cure ♥ (Along with Hirano Aya, Taneda Risa, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane)
  • Sekai ni Nijiiro (Along with Hirano Aya, Taneda Risa, Iida Riho, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Sakura Ayane, Ito Kanae)


  • Ami's birthday falls on February 24th, which makes her zodiac to be Pisces (♓).
  • Ami and Ririan are the only characters in the series known to have lost a family member.
  • As said in episode 112, Ami is represented by the Lavender which means "Faithful" in the language of flowers.
  • Her first character song, Center of the World describes how she dealt with the loss of her mother and sister.
    • Additional, her second song, Lunar Miracle describes how she wants to thank Rubellit, and probably also the others, helping her to get over her grief.


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