Personal Information
SeasonGuardian Angels Of The Sky
Home PlaceSkyriver
RelativesWhite (sister)
ElementWater & snow
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
First AppearanceEpisode 01

SeiyuuInami Anju
Nilamニラム」is the guardian fairy of the blue rainbow, who comes from the kingdom of rainbows Skyriver and has a main appearance in the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. Bailar is Sapphie's destined partner.


Nilam has, like every color guard of Skyriver, the ability to give the chosen girl the power to transform into the legendary warriors of the rainbow, the Guardian Angels. Nilam is the guard of the blue rainbow and has the ability of liquids. Nilam is able to use less powerful attacks a than his partner and can let it snow over an enemy. As shown in episode 18, Nilam has to shout his suffix "Riam~" and rise his little arms to activate the power. Whenever the angels got a power up, Nilam and the others had also got a one.


Nilam is a young little color guard, who is a little crybaby and can get scared easily. Nilam has a kind heart but is not brave enough to speak this mind out loud. As long as they lived on Skyriver, Nilam always hid behind his older sister White, who’s a lot braver and more outgoing than him. However, thanks to his kind heart, Nilam can make friends easily and understands others well. When he used to be a coward when he was little, he got a lot stronger through his adventures with the Angels.



  • Bayla - Nilam's older sister, who is the guard of the silver rainbow. Nilam is a big crybaby and Bayla's duty is it to prepare him for his work as color guard and comfort him whenever he feels down. After the two arrived on earth, the siblings live more separated from each other than before. However, they still seem to have a good relationship.


  • Aoba Sapphie - Sapphie is the angelic warrior of the blue rainbow and Nilam's partner. Sapphie cares for Nilam a lot and usually shows that when protecting him from others. Even before they officially met, Sapphie did all she could to save Nilam from Voide. She thinks Nilam is really cute and would do all to cheer him up, when he's sad.
  • Nobumoto Rosuke - Nilam was the first to not attack Loo in any way. Though he was rather scared to see Loo, he listened to what he was saying in a neutral, caring way. Though Loo was his enemy back then, he told Nilam that he can't give up and needs to go on with fighting his friends. Later on, the two have shown to have developed a very good friendship, even though Sapphie isn't very happy about that.


Nilam (ニラム?) - Nilam is an unisex Hindi name, which means "dark blue" or "sapphire" in Sanskrit.[1]




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