Inori! Kura no kyōkai no ue ni!
Guardian Angels Of The Stars episode 34
"Prayers! Over the Boundary of Dark!"
Air date February 17, 2015
Opening Love-Colored Rainbow Stars
Ending Rainbow Staff Roll
Directed by Yousei A. Sina
Written by Yousei A. Sina
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Inori! Kura no kyōkai no ue ni! (祈!暗の境界の上に! Prayers! Over the Boundary of Dark!?) is the 34th episode of the season Guardian Angels Of The Stars.



Worried about her friend, Rubellit decides to write a song for Amethyst, which should tell Yumi about her feelings. The whole night, she has problems to come up with something good and decides to ask the others for help but also asks them not to tell Amethyst anything about it as it is supposed to be a surprise. All together, the girls do their best to think up a good text.

The next day after school, Amethyst wonders why everyone is strange today and gets into a conversation with Loo and Chris, who don't know about the song either. Chris supposes that the seven girls are thinking about a birthday present as Amethyst's birthday is close. As she then tells them that it better not be, she sees Ruriri and warns the others. But they don't see her at all. Even though being told not to go, Amethyst decides to leave and look for Ruriri on her own.

Surprised by Amethyst, Ruriri sits down, wondering if she wants to meet Onyx, which Amethyst refuses as she only wants to meet Yumi. In any case, Ruriri tells Amethyst to be careful with Onyx or Yumi as the girl seems to be different than usual and even Ruriri seems to be scared of Onyx right now. Doubting, Amethyst leaves Ruriri alone telling her that she doesn't believe a single word she says. But Ruriri doesn't let Amethyst leave and follows her, again warning her about Onyx.

While Amethyst is talking with Ruriri, the others are attacked by Onyx, who really appears different from usual. All expect Rubellit transform and start fighting her but notice fast that she is stronger than usual. Hearing the fight, Amethyst starts running to get to Rubellit and transform. But as she arrives, she sees Rubellit singing to distract Onyx. Stunned, Amethyst just watches everything along with Ruriri. The Angels are also surprised and Onyx seems to react to the lines she sings and seems to get angry. Ruriri tells Onyx to leave and leaves alongside with her.

Confused, Amethyst wonders what Rubellit was doing and Rubellit explains that they were working on the song the whole time. But she never thought that the song would have such an impact on Onyx, she just wanted to help with the song...


Guardian Angels



Other Characters

Major Events

  • P R I S M was written in this episode.
  • Rubellit sung some lines of the song to distract Onyx.
  • Ruriri warned Amethyst that Onyx might have changed.
  • Onyx showed to have had some kind of power up.


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