Ozora Mizuki
大空 みずき

Ōzora Mizuki
Personal Information
SeasonBeautiful Sky Pretty Cure ☆ Saga
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlue-gray
Home PlaceFeather Castletown
Family Information
ParentsOzora Hikaru
Himura Chika
SiblingsHimura Ami
Anime Information
First AppearanceKirakira Episode 01
SeiyuuChisaka Kanae

Ozora Mizuki大空 みずき」 is a main character appearing in the Sky Pretty Cure Generations. She is the human alter ego of Cure Leveret, the Pretty Cure of the moon. Mizuki is a cool and confident young girl, who loves dancing and would love to join a dance group one day. She says "Cool" (クール Kūru?) quite a lot.

General Information


In civilian, Mizuki wears a red shirt with a dark blue top underneath. She wears black skinny jeans and brown boots. Her hair is light blue colored and very wavy. She has a part of her hair tied into a little ponty tain on the back of her head. The pony tail is hold by a dark red colored bow. Her eye color is purple.

As Violet Luna, her hair beomes violet but stays at the same length as Mizuki's hair is. Her hair is still tied into a little pony tail on the back of her hair, and is hold by a bow. But this bow is pale yellow colored. Her eye color changed unchanged. Her warrior outfit consits of a violet colored dress whose skirt has two layers. The first layer has the same color as the remaining dress, while the second is dark purple colored. Over the dress, she wears a white cloth that is hold by a pink heart. The heart is placed on her chest. Over the dress, she also wears a belt that has the same color as the second layer of her skirt. She silk tights and white boots.


Mizuki is a cool and confident middle school student attending the Great Castle Memorial Academy. Mizuki loves dancing and would love to join a dance group one day. However, Mizuki is rather stubborn and gets annoyed pretty fast. That's why people tend to leave her alone. Towards her friends, she's a lovely-dovely young girl who likes cute things and also is clums sometimes.



  • Ozora Hikaru - Mizuki's father, who she lives with since he and Mizuki's mother divorced.
  • Himura Chika - Mizuki's mother.
  • Himura Ami - Mizuki's younger sister, who currently lives with her mother.



Ozora (大空 Ōzora?) - Ō ( dai?) means "large" or "great", while Zora ( sora?) means "sky". Ozora also means "firmament" or "heaven", which is a reference to the series' main theme.

Mizuki (みずき?) - Mizuki can either come from Mi ( bi?) meaning "beauty" or "beautiful" combined with Zuki ( tsuki?) meaning "moon", so her name means "beautiful moon", matching to her power. It also can come from Mizu (?) together with Ki (?) meaning "hope".[1]



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