The two spin-ff seasons of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series, tell the stories of magical girls and magical boys whose worlds and universes are connected with the universe of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. The main characters of the stories either share a story aspect with the original protagonists or are considered as the protagonists' dark world counterpart.


Starry Sky Girls: Nova V

Starry Sky Girls: Nova V星空少女:Nova V」is a short spin-off OVA series to the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and the technical pilot to the Guardian Angels Of The Stars movie. The season tells the story of the five magical girls of the starry sky, who fought with the power of the Legendarios Prismas, the sacred stones of Piedra Preciosa. Starry Sky Girls: Nova V's main motives are space and stars.

Fallen Angels Of Dark

Fallen Angels Of Dark魔術戦士:暗がりの堕天使」 is a spin-off story of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. Fallen Angels Of Dark tells the story of eight legendary warriors of darkness, who fight against the forces of light. The story of the series is based on a dark world scenario, where everything considered as good is bad and darkness is considered as good.

The team in focus is usually referred as Fallen Angels, the exact opposite of the Guardian Angels.