Tachibana Amber立花アンバー」is one of the protagonists of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series. Amber is a smart and very reliable young girl, who is the current class president of her class. She is very popular among her class and many admire her style and personality. Amber, who used to play the piano at concerts as a child, works at the bakery owned by her aunt. She's got a mind filled with ideas, whose she either uses to create new sweets to help at the bakery, or turns them into fashion designs to support her childhood dream of becoming a designer.

In the 4th episode of the first season, Amber met a spirit named Estrella, who turned out to a keeper of the rainbow. Following that, with Estrella's help, Amber managed to become Guardian Angel Aurorae, the guardian of the sunlight colored, orange colored rainbow.

Since Amber was a child, she has the habit of saying "Radiant shining!" (キラっと輝く! Kiratto kagayaku!?) a lot.

Basic Information

  • Full name: Tachibana, Amber
  • In Japanese: 立花アンバー (たちばなあんばー)
  • Alias: N/A
  • Nickname: Ambercchi
  • Birthdate: July 4th
  • Birthplace: Hisakata, Toyama (Japan)
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Height: 1.72 m (5″8)
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: B

Fears and Dreams

Back when Amber still lived with her mother, the two have attended classic concerts by times. Besides simply listening to the music, Amber herself got to step on stage as a pianist. Back then, it seemed like Amber could become a famous pianist. However, over the years, especially after she moved to her aunt, Amber developed another dream. She started to become more and more interested in fashion and stopped to practice her musical skills. Amber has been dreaming about creating her own brand, with clothes that she and everyone else loves to wear. Soon, she started to design and sew her own clothes. She helped her friends with fashion-based decisions and has entered several competitions. Even if it seemed like she could never reach her dream, Amber continued on her way. However, one day, Amber realized that, even though she loved fashion, designing clothes was not the one thing she wanted to do after all. After designing a cake for a competition, and wondering how many points her design got, Amber got even more into making her own sweets than she has previously been. In addition to her new found passion, Amber confessed to her aunt, that she desires to take over the Tropica one day.

Since her childhood, Amber has always feared the presence of supernatural beings such as ghosts, zombies or other undead creatures. Even though she is aware that none of these exist in real life, she can’t help but get suspicious when entering a house she has never been at or a room where the lights are out. She’ll soon recover from her paranoid tendencies once someone turns on the light, or once she knows she’s not alone. Despite her appearance and her overall behavior, Amber is actually a scaredy cat, who will get scared just by the slightest sign of paranormal activities. In additional to her fear of the undead, Amber also has a phobia of high places, also known as acrophobia.


  • Athletic Skills: Due to being a person who creates things, Amber doesn’t care much about the athletic requirements given by the schools she attends. She does score average grades, but her skills don’t reach beyond the average either. She is excellent at long jump, but that’s basically it. Amber is sometimes seen running early in the morning, before getting ready for school.
  • Academic Skills: Amber dreams of becoming the adult others can look up to. In order to achieve her dream, Amber needs to score good grades to get into a good university and get a good degree. For that, Amber studies a lot, yet not too much, since she likes her current freedom even more than the freedom she might, or not, have one day after finishing school. Amber’s grades are beyond the average but far beneath the top students of her school.
  • Additional Skills: As mentioned before, Amber is very skilled in designing and making her own clothes. She usually only wears clothes she has made herself, or that were given to her as a present. But fashion isn’t the only thing she is good at. She also is a good cook and is especially good at making her own sweet treats. She probably learned the skill from helping at her aunt’s bakery. In addition, Amber must be a skilled pianist. After all, she used to play the piano at big concerts.


Main article: Tachibana Amber / History

When Amber was around ten years old, she moved to the suburb of Hisakata and started to live with her aunt. Before that, Amber used to live with her mother in the city of Hisakata. Her mother is an artist, who also sells self-made jewelries that. At those times, Amber and her mother used to visit the theater and classic concerts a lot, where Amber did not only listen to the beautiful music, but also stood on stage to present everyone how well she could play the piano. The young Tachibana Amber has been known quite well for her musical talent and many people thought that she’d become a famous artist one day. However, Amber had to stop attending such events as her mother was offered a new way of selling her art. Tachibana Hinata then sent her daughter to Hanae, whom she still lives with today.

Physical Appearance


Amber has brown colored hair and brown colored eyes. At the beginning of the series, Amber is usually seen wearing her hair opened with a single, orange colored headband. Her hair reached down to her shoulders and showed small curls at the end. Since Amber has pretty straight hair, it’s likely that she made them herself. While cooking or baking, Amber kept her hair tied into a low ponytail. In the second half of the series, Amber changed her hair style a little. She now has a small part braided, and the rest tied into a ponytail. Her hair also appears to be a bit shorter as it doesn’t reach down to her shoulders anymore. With 1.72 m Amber’s the tallest member of the group.

Clothing Style

Due to being very fashionable, Amber knows exactly what fits her well. Amber prefers to wear mature clothes, that are neither revealing nor look to stiff on her. She has a neutral fashion sense. She’d wear anything, skirt or pants, but prefers skirts. She also likes to wear blouses, dresses or other clothes that provide the image she wants. In addition, Amber seems to like accessories a lot. Except for her school attire, Amber is always seen wearing at least one piece of accessory.


In the first two seasons, Amber wore a short, orange colored top with only one sleeve. The sleeve covered her right shoulder. Underneath the orange top, she worse a light yellow colored tank top, which covered some parts of the grey colored skirt she wore. The skirt was buttoned with golden buttons. She wore dark brown colored ankle boots and bracelets around her wrists. The bracelets were red and orange colored. During winter, she wore a dark orange, almost brown colored sweater. The sweater showed a two rows of yellow colored dots printed across her chest and her back. She wore a grey colored skirt, black ankle boots with laces and bright yellow colored socks. When leaving the house, Amber usually wore a big, green colored jacket with fur attached to the hood.

In the later two seasons, Amber wore an orange colored dress over which she wore a short sleeved, black colored jacket. The jacket, which was almost as long as the dress, showed to have neither a hood nor pockets. Around her neck, she wore a necklace with a club-shaped pendant. The pendant was green colored and shared its shade of color with the star-shaped earrings she wore. Amber wore brown colored boots with black laces. During winter, she wore a black colored dress with white polka dots. The dress had a white collar and white trims. She wore her club-shaped necklace and a pink shawl around her neck. When leaving the house, she wore the same jacket as always as well as sliver colored boots