Takagi Naomi

Takagi Naomi
Personal Information
SeasonBeautiful Witches Of Earth
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorYellow
Home PlaceHisakata Town
Family Information
ParentsTakagi Ririan
Takagi Chris
SiblingsTakagi Kazuki
Anime Information
First AppearanceBeautiful Sky Episode 01
SeiyuuWakabayashi Kotomi

Takagi Naomi高樹なおみ」is a main character of the Beautiful Witches Seasons, who made her first debut in Beautiful Witches Of Earth, the first season of the next gen series.

Naomi is a quite smart and reliable young girl, who is sometimes considered as the "heart of the school". Naomi is the human alter ego of Lil' Witch Vivid.

General Information


Naomi is a quite smart and reliable young girl, who works as student council member and is usually very concerned about her friends and classmates' condition. She is sometimes considered as the "heart of the school" (学校の心ちゃん Gakkō no kokoro-chan?) and is quite popular in school for her kindess. Naomi may get strict by times but is generally a rather lovely young maiden.


Naomi has yellow colored, long hair, tied into a low ponytail. Her eyes are brown. She wears a dark blue jacket with yellow details and a yellow top underneath. She wears blue shorts and red high heels.



  • Takagi Ririan: Ririan is Naomi and Kazuki's mother. She is a popular actress, who has to spend much work in Tokyo due to her job. Whenever she gets some time off, Ririan travels back to Hisakata to see her family.
  • Takagi Chris: Naomi's father. Chris is a locally known photographer, who used to travel around the world until he specialize his work on Japanese nature and architecture. His change in work was mainly influenced by Naomi and Kazuki.
  • Takagi Kazuki: Kazuki is Naomi's younger twin brother. Despite being the younger one, Kazuki acts a lot like Naomi's older sibling. He even tends to call her "lil' sis".


  • Todo Subaru: Naomi is one of Subaru's classmates and part of the student council.


Takagi (高樹?) - Takagi comes from Taka (?) meaning "tall", "high" or "limit"[1], combined with Gi (?) meaning "tree". So Takago means "tall tree" or "high tree". However, ki, written as 黄, means "yellow", which would be a reference to her theme color.

Naomi (なおみ?) - Naomi is a Japanese name, whose meaning depends on the characters used. So Naomi could mean "straight beauty" (直美?), "still, beauty" (尚美?) or even "straight self" (直己?). Naomi also means "truth" when written as 直実, coming from Nao (?) meaning "straight", combined with Mi (?) meaning "fruit", "real" or "truth".



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