Blue and White Anne
Yotsuba Anne
Yotsuba An
TitleCreator of
Birthday DateApril 7th
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceGermany
Yotsuba Anne四葉アン」is the creator of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series and the unofficial pen name of FairySina.

Name Information

The current, actual pen name, comes from Yotsuba (四葉?) which means "four leaved clover" in Japanese, maybe a pun to her old pen name, which also began with "Yo". Anne is a short form of her actual given name, and also the name her friends and family usually use to call her.

Whenever she's "interacting" with the characters of the story, Anne, is usually referred as Annee-chan, which is a combination of "An" and the Japanese characters 姉ちゃん (Nēchan?).

Other Names Yotsuba Anne uses

  • Okou Anzu (織工 あんず?) - last name based on her actual surname; first name shares initial with actual givenname.
  • Momomiya Mari (桃宮 真里?) - Momomiya from her first anime; Mari is a pun to her real name.