The Yuujo Castle (夕城 Yūjō?) is a historic building located in Hisakata. Until about 40 years ago, the Yuujo caslte was the central building of the city. However, nowadays, the caslte is located in the west of the town.

Further Information

The Yuujo Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Hisakata. In the past, the Yuujo Caslte used the be the center of the town, but as Hisakata grew in the following centuries the castle has no longer been the actual center of the town. Right now, it’s located in the western part of Hisakata. Many centuries ago, a clan used to live at the Yuujo Castle. This clan was split in two fractions. The more powerful fraction was following the eternal darkness due to their human fears, while the other one was working on a gate that would connect the world of humans with the world of rainbows.


  • The Castle's name comes from the Japanese 夕 (?) which means "evening".